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  1. Yeah. But still im having problem with Flying Side kick. it always misses.
  2. Confirmed. This works. Thank you!!! Only the Flying Sidekick remains. Hehehe!
  3. What i did was add int onto it. setunitdata(getnpcid(0),UNPC_DEX,300); setunitdata(getnpcid(0),UNPC_INT,100); setunitdata(getnpcid(0),UNPC_ATKMIN,100); setunitdata(getnpcid(0),UNPC_ATKMAX,200); getmapxy(.map$,.x,.y,BL_NPC); i will check the stat point part. Thanks!
  4. Cool script! Thanks! But i found a problem concerning SOUL STRIKE, LORD OF VERMILLION and FLYING SIDE KICK. My server settings is 255/120. Im using @statall which would give me 255 to all stats. Those skills are going to miss. I tried normal builds but its still the same. Tried adding INT to the NPC stats i guess it works but the damage will become stronger. Any thoughts?
  5. Amaaaaaazing! Welcome back to map making!
  6. Might something to do with your after animation delay. See your skill db compare to your renewal skill db. By default it behaves per perfectlt normal.
  7. That is so weird. Fresh rathena dont have any problem concerning call spirit.
  8. Well we have patchers out there and the popular one is the Thor Patcher. From the tools there you will be able to push updates to your players. You can found more at rathena-wiki/Thor_Patcher.md at master · cydh/rathena-wiki (github.com) Some google searches Setup Thor Patcher - Mga Guides at Tips - rAthena Making a patch in Thor Patcher with GRF - Knowledgebase - GoManilaHost.Net Web Services To do this, your server should be live. What does it mean? It means your server should be online.
  9. So what do we have here again?
  10. In your translation files. Remove the itemwin_mid
  11. Yep gepard is the key. Basic gepard aint gonna cut it. Prepare atleast 200 bucks to have that option.
  12. dark RO is using default item script for Thanatos Card.
  13. edit your local files first. Once you applied your changes you can use winscp to upload your modified file.
  14. I asked that to myself before. My reference is this rAthena vs Hercules - rAthena General - rAthena.
  15. The answer to your question is YES by default. You can wear Upper Middle and Lower (Shadowgear) as a costume. Please check this Custom Items · rathena/rathena Wiki (github.com) For the shadow weapon costume you may contact @Haziel
  16. Gidz Cross

    GRF files

    You let it there. Your .ini should be...
  17. Gidz Cross

    GRF files

    Yes. Having own custom grf is a must. Its very easy to make grf. Download grf tool here on the forums. See the translation files from chris's thread. You will have idea by then.
  18. Gidz Cross

    GRF files

    You did it wrong. Usually we make our own grf. Instead of merging to kRO's original grf.
  19. Gidz Cross

    GRF files

    By making your own custom ro. Or you can merge it to data.grf
  20. Translation files. Ragnarok English Translation Project by llchrisll - Project Releases - rAthena
  21. Start from scratch i guess? Since you dont have any modifications yet. That would be the best option.
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