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  1. I put this pull in my emulator on the host, I'm using luminushost but I can't use ./configure. I added everything right but function is not going.
  2. mine is on the linux host but I can't use the .configure function... ./configure --enable-web-service
  3. mine is on the linux host but I can't use the .configure function...
  4. você precisa renomear o arquivo para .txt Compêndio 1.1.c para Compêndio 1.1.txt it goes to npc folder
  5. I can't compile the web-server on the host, by MobaXterm...
  6. when I change the in-game badge, it doesn't report anything on web-server.exe
  7. web server not running, sleeping 1 second...
  8. the tables are all imported and added correctly without any errors. now I don't know why it's not working...
  9. I've already compiled the emulator, I'm just not getting it to work, the tables are imported into the database... how do i run this web.sql?
  10. do i need to use some command before?? I imported the tables, and put 8000 ExternalSettings_kr, but the emblem still doesn't appear..
  11. I did the whole procedure again but the emblem doesn't appear in the game.. ;(
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