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  1. how fix this? [Error]: buildin_getmapxy: Player with nick 'ECwarp_1' is not found. [Error]: buildin_getmapxy: Player with map id '0' is not found. [Info]: [Instance] Created: Endless Cellar (1). [Error]: buildin_instance_npcname: Invalid instance NPC (instance_id: 0, NPC name: "ECwarp_1".)
  2. Starting Manhunt event, but it not works. [Error]: buildin_rid2name: invalid RID [Error]: buildin_rid2name: invalid RID [Warning]: buildin_atcommand: failed to execute command 'killable (null)' [Debug]: Source (NPC): Event Information at prontera (164,171) [Debug]: Source (NPC): Event Information at prontera (164,171) [Error]: buildin_rid2name: invalid RID [Warning]: buildin_atcommand: failed to execute command 'size (null) 2' [Debug]: Source (NPC): Event Information at prontera (164,171) [Debug]: Source (NPC): Event Information at prontera (164,171) [Error]: buildin_rid2name: invalid RID [Error]: buildin_rid2name: invalid RID
  3. Hello all. Help me please with automatic donation system. My website is on FluxCP, rAthena server. Players must donation for example on paypal, and then get cash points at account in game.
  4. It dont write what nubmer wave and who killed boss and dont give him reward. Can you edit it please?
  5. if no anyone have it maybe can help me with this script? I need except this: mes "Leader is: "+$leaderchar$+". He gives - "+$leaderloot+"x "+getitemname(.item)+"."; - edit that npc will show only the total number of surrendered items that all players of the server gives to npc. There is - script gxdcxs -1,{ OnInit: if($ge!=0){end;} set $leaderchar$,0; set $leaderloot,0; set $leaderchar2$,0; set $leaderloot2,0; set $leaderchar3$,0; set $leaderloot3,0; set $ge,1; end; } - script begin -1,{ //OnDay<month><day>: OnDay1007: set $leaderchar$,0; set $leaderloot,0; set $leaderchar2$,0; set $leaderloot2,0; set $leaderchar3$,0; set $leaderloot3,0; set $ge,1; announce "Глобальный эвент начался. Подробности у NPC в пронтере!",0; end; OnDay0712: set $ge,0; set $np,1; announce "Глобальный эвент окончен. Победитель: "+$leaderchar$+", поздравляем его!! Приз у NPC.",0; end; } - script Глобальный эвент 709,{ // 1097,7005,7449, 662 if($ge!=1){ mes "Для тебя у меня сейчас нет задания."; close;} set .item,7449; mes "[Глобальный эвент]"; if(loot2>$leaderloot){ set $leaderloot,loot2; set $leaderchar$,strcharinfo(0);} if($np==1){ if($leaderchar$==strcharinfo(0)){ if(select("Получить приз:Отмена")==2){close;} mes "Держи свой приз."; getitem 7227,3; set $leaderchar$,0; set $leaderloot,0; set $np,0; close; }close;} set loot,countitem(.item); mes "Leader is: "+$leaderchar$+". He gives - "+$leaderloot+"x "+getitemname(.item)+"."; mes "------------------------"; switch(select("Top-3","Give item","Statisctic","Mission","Последний срок")){ case 1: if(loot2>$leaderloot){ set $leaderloot3, $leaderloot2; set $leaderloot2, $leaderloot; set $leaderloot,loot2; set $leaderchar3$, $leaderchar2$; set $leaderchar2$, $leaderchar$; set $leaderchar$,strcharinfo(0); } if(loot2>$leaderloot2){ set $leaderloot3, $leaderloot2; set $leaderloot, $leaderloot; set $leaderloot2,loot2; set $leaderchar3$, $leaderchar2$; set $leaderchar$, $leaderchar$; set $leaderchar2$,strcharinfo(0); } if(loot2>$leaderloot3){ set $leaderloot2, $leaderloot2; set $leaderloot, $leaderloot; set $leaderloot3,loot2; set $leaderchar2$, $leaderchar2$; set $leaderchar$, $leaderchar$; set $leaderchar3$,strcharinfo(0); } mes "Место - ник - кол-во"; mes "1. "+$leaderchar$+" "+$leaderloot+""; mes "2. "+$leaderchar2$+" "+$leaderloot2+""; mes "3. "+$leaderchar3$+" "+$leaderloot3+""; close; case 2: if(loot<1){mes "У тебя нет необходимого лута!";close;} delitem .item,loot; set loot2,loot2+loot; close; case 3: mes "You also give me "+loot2+" items."; close; case 4: mes "Вам необходимо сдавать следующий лут: "+getitemname(.item)+". Игрок, сдавший наибольшее кол-во лута (лидер) - побеждает."; close; case 5: mes "Последний срок сдачи лута - 11 июля. Не опоздайте!"; close; } }
  6. А что надо в этом скрипте переделать чтобы отображалось просто общее чисто сданных предметов?
  7. Hello, can you help me please with such script as: In npc will be configurate id of monster, players will need to kill 1000 monsters, and there will be top in that npc who killed more. I have script that players gives to npc some item, and was top who bring more, but i lost it script.......
  8. How i must install setbgid_20160103r.diff file? What command in ssh? I am new, sorry for that question =) If i do patch setbgid_20160103r.diff. It is not patched. warning: src/custom/script.inc has type 100755, expected 100644 error: patch failed: src/custom/script.inc:17 error: src/custom/script.inc: patch does not apply warning: src/custom/script_def.inc has type 100755, expected 100644 error: patch failed: src/custom/script_def.inc:9 error: src/custom/script_def.inc: patch does not apply *****rAthena# patch setbgid_20160103r.diff
  9. ReSp

    MvP Hunting

    Oh thx a lot but i just find hunting mission npc and do it myself in mvp hunting mission npc)
  10. ReSp


    Hello all. Maybe someone knows how can i do anti-nodelay for my server? Someome put nodelay.grf in data.ini file. Maybe i must masked data.ini file or someone else? But someone put nodelay.grf files in server grf file. I would really appreciate the help
  11. Thx very much, but i find already another and solved my problem.
  12. ReSp

    MvP Hunting

    it gives always random mvp to kill
  13. ReSp

    MvP Hunting

    Good afternoon. Please share the script MVP hunting, which will give the task to kill the MvP and give a reward for it. Thx a lot.
  14. what sql command is for creating correct table pvpladder is? for that top fluxcp: $sqlpvp = "SELECT pvpladder.name AS char_name, pvpladder.kills AS kills, pvpladder.deaths AS deaths, char.char_id, char.class AS bclass, login.sex, guild.name as gname FROM pvpladder LEFT JOIN `char` ON pvpladder.char_id = char.char_id LEFT JOIN `login` ON char.account_id = login.account_id LEFT JOIN `guild` ON char.guild_id = guild.guild_id ORDER BY kills DESC LIMIT 1";
  15. maybe this script i can use? https://github.com/Stolao/Npc_Release/blob/master/PvP_Ladder/Pvp_Ladder.txt but adding sql command i also need...
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