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  1. For those who messaged sorry im not available now. Will be gone for another 2 to 3 weeks.

  2. crazyarashi

    cant find Nightmare Biolabs Quest

    You'll need to merge this pull to your server Nightmare Biolab
  3. crazyarashi

    An old release update request

    Good day rathena, as the title request i would like to request for an update on this old diff. I tried remaking it by follow this topic How to create your own mapflag but maybe it needs other changes. here is the link to the old source release :)) thank you in advance NoItem Mapflag
  4. crazyarashi

    Donation Credits exchange

    set #CASHPOINTS,#[email protected]; to set #CASHPOINTS,#CASHPOINTS + (@ExchangeECd*1000);
  5. crazyarashi

    Help Getting Client Working

    for client preparation i suggest you refer to this guide of Earnestinence, its very neat guide. for 2018 clients i suggest you use this for building it. 4144 Nemo
  6. crazyarashi

    langtype Error help me

    update your client files or mapmsgconf of your serv
  7. crazyarashi

    Help Getting Client Working

    did you prepare your own grf and your client?
  8. crazyarashi

    Latest Application to diff clients

    4144's Nemo Client is neat for newer clients :))
  9. That's way old and need old resources. zackdreavers translations is for later clients
  10. crazyarashi

    A getunitdata question.

    Big thanks! going to try it out :))
  11. crazyarashi

    Item Effect Stacking Edit.

    i used only once but it worked fine :))
  12. What client date are you using?
  13. Use proper translation files for your client. Zackdreaver Translation
  14. crazyarashi

    A getunitdata question.

    OnMinionSummon: [email protected]_id = 1002; [email protected]_count = 20; monster "prontera",255,55,"Pink Evil Minions",.minion_id,.minion_count,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnMinionKill"; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .minion_count; [email protected]++){ .gid[[email protected]] = [email protected][[email protected]]; //= store data } Good day rathena, I have a question regarding getunitdata. I want to summon a multiple monster and get their data later on. ( specifically the x and y) during the KillEvent Tried several ways to get the data and yet failed. hopefully anyone can enlighten me on what to do. Thanks in advance
  15. crazyarashi

    Beggining again

    Double check your mysql setup :))