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  1. crazyarashi

    Latest version of rAthena

    prontera,148,196,4 script arvoredavida 14591,{ end; OnInit: OnTimer3000: initnpctimer; getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],BL_NPC,strnpcinfo(0)); areapercentheal [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]+5,[email protected]+5,20,20; end; }
  2. crazyarashi

    list of cash items

    I don't get what you're asking for "CASH ITEMS".... can you be more specific about this ^^
  3. crazyarashi

    Client Error

    Try to use this for your grf
  4. Do you have your own grf to run with your client?
  5. crazyarashi

    Client 2018 read palletes different of 2012 client

    I'm pretty sure the number of palettes can be set up in the conf of your server
  6. crazyarashi

    Can I apply some skill updates?

    Github Commits Github Pulls
  7. crazyarashi

    Can I apply some skill updates?

    Its already implemented rAthena, if your rA is old you can update it or copy the commit manually :))
  8. crazyarashi

    Communication between rathena and fluxcp

    It is possible the set up is the same except you need to create a specific sql account for your webserver to have an access to your main database. Allowing Remote Connection
  9. crazyarashi

    Donate to CashPoints

    So what should we exactly should we do with the function you provided again?
  10. crazyarashi

    [SHOWCASE] HP / SP alternative bar

    This is great, but that tree made me more curious ....
  11. crazyarashi

    Mobs on server start

    Dynamic mob doesn't have to do anything with the idea you're looking for. dynamic mob is used for spawning monsters even though player is no players in the map. if you restarted server it would likely restart all the monsters since this monsters are spawn via npc scripts. Your idea will most likely work if you make a custom monster spawn and store its data.
  12. crazyarashi

    [Charleston Crisis] Verus Enchants

    Check out my script collections ^^ Charleston Crisis NPC's
  13. crazyarashi

    Q > Script help Stack of question need answer

    1. Maybe this can help with your idea. 2. As for this you can get the current map of your character via strcharinfo(3) and for npc strnpcinfo(4) 3. The answer is above. 4. As for 4 I believe that is not rathena scripting you should use "useatcmd" script for that. 5. Simply use detachrid
  14. crazyarashi

    R> Treasure Chests on Random Fields Event

    - script hourly_treasure -1,{ OnMinute00: OnStart: //= Add your announce here. for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .spawn_count; [email protected]++){ monster .map_list$[rand(getarraysize(.map_list$)],0,0,"Treasure Chest",.treasure_mob_id,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"OnTreasureKill"; } end; OnTreasureKill: announce "[ System ] : " + strcharinfo(0) + " has found a Treasure Chest."; getitem .reward_id,.reward_amount; end; OnInit: .spawn_count = 5; .treasure_mob_id = 1001; .reward_id = 501; .reward_amount = 50; setarray .map_list$,"prontera","izlude","geffen"; end; }
  15. crazyarashi

    Where is this NPC script located?

    It's in the banquet of heroes quest. ^^