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  1. I think that includes a modification to the client.
  2. How can I disable the ItemID: [35130](Click Me!) only for custom items?
  3. Fixed, the problem was the id monsters, they were very high.
  4. I have the same error. I followed these steps and I get luas error
  5. Mejor sigue los pasos al pié de la letra, pero de esta guía.
  6. Thor patcher is better by far.
  7. Mael

    @gstorage problem

    storage skill i think Investigating in the discord of rAthena I found the answer. FIXED. diff --git a/src/custom/defines_post.hpp b/src/custom/defines_post.hpp index 253b8cdbf..4c10c0623 100644 --- a/src/custom/defines_post.hpp +++ b/src/custom/defines_post.hpp @@ -9,6 +9,8 @@ * For detailed guidance on these check **/ - +#ifdef OFFICIAL_GUILD_STORAGE +#undef OFFICIAL_GUILD_STORAGE +#endif #endif /* CONFIG_CUSTOM_DEFINES_POST_HPP */ thanks @Secrets another solution is... "for pre-re" db/pre-re/guild_skill_tree.yml - Id: GD_GUILD_STORAGE MaxLevel: 5
  8. thanks @Royr! works fine now
  9. hi rAthena ! Could someone update this guide? It would be very nice to be able to have this modification back, it is very useful! thanks in advance.
  10. Mael

    @gstorage problem

    hi rAthena ! I have a small problem with the @gstorage, does not allow me to use it, even when the guild is maximum level, has all the skills enabled and using a gm level 99 account. The guild does not have a guild storage. @gstorage failed. Im using the last rAthena, I have configured it for pre-renewal and I am using the most updated luafiles of the zackdreaver project. the only thing that has changed about them is the problem with the skill tree -> reference Any recommendations on how I could fix that problem with @gstorage? thanks in advance.
  11. this could help you to create the script that you need.
  12. Mael


    This is what I'm talking about, thank you very much @sader1992
  13. Mael


    I think you can not understand my request...
  14. Mael


    I'm looking for a command that explains what these 2 commands that I put in my example.
  15. Mael


    hi rAthena! somebody could help me? I'm looking for a custom command, that allows the user to know what the customs commands are on the server. With similar logic to the @commands command. When using the @ccommands command, should appear in the chat window of the user and only for the user who uses it. example: @segurity - This command is used to protect your account and items. @pvproom - This command is used to enter from anywhere in the pvp room. the idea is that you can manually implement the commands and their descriptions in the script. I will be attentive to your comments and thanks!
  16. I tried but it causes me errors. in pre renewal there is not this: costume = false [502] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Orange Potion", unidentifiedResourceName = "주홍포션", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "..." }, identifiedDisplayName = "Orange Potion", identifiedResourceName = "주홍포션", identifiedDescriptionName = { "A potion made from grinded Red and Yellow Herbs.", "^FFFFFF_^000000", "Class:^0000FF Restorative^000000", "Heal:^009900 105 - 145^000000 HP", "Weight:^009900 10^000000" }, slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 0, costume = false }, SOLVED - Thanks @sader1992
  17. A little question about Customize your iteminfo with import. it is possible to use the kro_iteminfo.lua, but with pre-re? I mean, with the iteminfo.lua of pre-re? because the descriptions of the items in the kro_iteminfo.lua are renewal
  18. Maybe this is what you are looking for.
  19. if I only apply the patch the game is closed when entering the character. Do I need to modify something else? Or is that the client does not have that function? or is it necessary to fix something in NEMO?
  20. I have not attempt it, once I tried to use the diff, but it asks me to locate a .lua file and I do not know if I have to modify or configure something else.
  21. Look -> allowed Use Custom Aura Limits success Allows the client to display standard auras within user specified limits for Classes and Levels
  22. hi rAthena! I've been looking for the whole forum, some updated guide on how to change the aura from level 99 to 250/255 or 300. I am clear that the client.conf file must be modified. // Level required to display an aura. // NOTE: This assumes that sending max_lv to the client will display the aura. // NOTE: aura_lv must not be less than max_lv. // Example: If max_lv is 99 and aura_lv is 150, characters with level 99~149 // will be sent as being all level 98, and only characters with level // 150 or more will be reported as having level 99 and show an aura. aura_lv: 99 and also that I have to apply diff patcher with NEMO but, how should I configure it? Is there another step to take? Use Custom Aura Limits Allows the client to display standard auras within user specified limits for Classes and Levels I would appreciate if someone could guide me with this. Thank you!
  23. Debes de escribir en Español. Estás en Spanish Support.