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  1. Hello @Hurtsky. can i ask how to the edit this. please help thank you
  2. Hello. how to fix Conquest , when i click barricade and guardian stone its cause crash? @Easycore and no emblem red and blue team
  3. Hi sir im using latest rathena revision. i try to use the battleground 3.0 . and no error. that's script only got error
  4. Mga kabaro baka po may alam kayo dyan pang DIFF ng Attendance Reward old files po kse gamit ko eh kaya di ma detect ng client ko ung attendance pa help po TIA sa mkakatulong
  5. Hello. anyone can give diff patch for attendance? i don't use new revision of rathena TIA.
  6. Hello. i got error on this line .red = bg_create ( strnpcinfo(4), 251, 149, strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnRedQuit", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnRedDie" ); .blue = bg_create ( strnpcinfo(4), 47, 149, strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBlueQuit", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBlueDie" ); how to fix this thanks
  7. Hello sir @Alayne . i already replace it but still error [email protected]_DMId = bg_create($deathMatchMap$,$warpPointRedDM[0],$warpPointRedDM[1]); [email protected]_DMId = bg_create($deathMatchMap$,$warpPointBlueDM[0],$warpPointBlueDM[1]);
  8. Rook1es

    Soul Link Strip

    Hello sir @aimee i have a error on this sc_start(bl, sc_atk, 100, skill_lv, d); . and i try to remove that . and compile is work but when i try it . its never works the strip with soul link. help please
  9. Hello is there anyone can help me? i used memory of thanatos card on sharpshooting but its not working . its pure critical always show ! i Edit the defense of punching bag Damage with Memory of Thanatos Card Damage without card But on Double Strife Damage is Working Thanks in advance
  10. Hello sir Kamishi is Adelays still working?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Rook1es


      Its ok sir Kamishi . can i try :) is the code free :D . do you know about ring-0 protection

    3. KamiShi


      I have no idea where I put the file. I must dig into my old stuff. But I will probably release it in one month or two now that i am back =) 

    4. Rook1es


      Ok sir kamishi . just update us :) more power

  11. i already use the packet key in the packet_db.txt . and put it when diffed the client. what is main reason why is always rejected ?
  12. Sir @Everade i tried so many times but it always rejected me i use 2015-05-13a client. can you help me