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  1. Yes, status.cpp, maybe https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/src/map/status.cpp#L5688 is what you're looking for
  2. I've been looking in the source a way to ends SG_MARIONETTE status when timer of skills is over. this is my skill_db but the status nevers ends, the function status_change_end_()(L#13010 on status.cpp) is not called when timer is over unless you got dipelled, out of range, logout etc. The timer counter ingame become negative BTW this is the SC_START of skill in skill.cpp L#6885 note skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv) is normally set on sc_start() call How can I made Marionette cancelable over time?
  3. I've been editing some jobs and everything works well, but when I use reset skills npc skills got stuck.
  4. wow, I was thinking about that, compendiuns got very popular lately on games, it's a way to tax for new contents monthly. Good work! Certainly I'm going to use this. @edit I'll try to improve to have free and vip rewards
  5. But I want to call a function from mobdeath event inside *monster command, not from item_db ty, anyway
  6. We have a field to call a function on monster death: <map name>{,<x>{,<y>{,<xs>{,<ys>}}}}%TAB%monster%TAB%<monster name>{,<monster level>}%TAB%<mob id>,<amount>{,<delay1>{,<delay2>{,<event>{,<mob size>{,<mob ai>}}}}} Event is a script event to be executed when the mob is killed. The event must be in the form "NPCName::OnEventName" to execute, and the event name label should start with "On". As with all events, if the NPC is an on-touch NPC, the player who triggers the script must be within 'trigger' range for the event to work. I want to call a event(or a function) with arguments/parameter like callfunc( "function",$parameter); Is it possible?
  7. I made it by source, it's ugly but works fine bool pc_unequipitem(struct map_session_data *sd, int n, int flag) { ... if (sd->inventory_data[n]->nameid == 2220 && !(flag & 2)) { clif_unequipitemack(sd, n, 0, 0); return false; }
  8. It's a good altenative, but I'm planning to add item script further on this, a flag disabling unequip would be perfect
  9. is there anyway to prevent to unequip a single item? I'll bind a visual effect to the item sprite and player cannot unequip it ps: I'm planning to execute a UnEquipScript to equip item again, but seems like a poor way to solve this problem, another better idea?
  10. I created a function on log.cpp that already have all mysql pre-configs needed void log_death(int charid, int16 m, int16 killertype, int killerid, int lasthit) { StringBuf_Init(&buf); StringBuf_Printf(&buf, "%s INTO `%s` ( `map`, `time`)", LOG_QUERY, "death_log"); StringBuf_Printf(&buf, "values ('%s',NOW() )", map_getmapdata(m)->name[0] ? map_getmapdata(m)->name : ""); if (SQL_SUCCESS != SqlStmt_PrepareStr(stmt, StringBuf_Value(&buf)) || SQL_SUCCESS != SqlStmt_Execute(stmt)) SqlStmt_ShowDebug(stmt); }
  11. I did not understood your problem, can you explain more datailed?
  12. ty for the answer, unfortunately I need to query from source
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