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  1. I made it by source, it's ugly but works fine bool pc_unequipitem(struct map_session_data *sd, int n, int flag) { ... if (sd->inventory_data[n]->nameid == 2220 && !(flag & 2)) { clif_unequipitemack(sd, n, 0, 0); return false; }
  2. It's a good altenative, but I'm planning to add item script further on this, a flag disabling unequip would be perfect
  3. is there anyway to prevent to unequip a single item? I'll bind a visual effect to the item sprite and player cannot unequip it ps: I'm planning to execute a UnEquipScript to equip item again, but seems like a poor way to solve this problem, another better idea?
  4. I created a function on log.cpp that already have all mysql pre-configs needed void log_death(int charid, int16 m, int16 killertype, int killerid, int lasthit) { StringBuf_Init(&buf); StringBuf_Printf(&buf, "%s INTO `%s` ( `map`, `time`)", LOG_QUERY, "death_log"); StringBuf_Printf(&buf, "values ('%s',NOW() )", map_getmapdata(m)->name[0] ? map_getmapdata(m)->name : ""); if (SQL_SUCCESS != SqlStmt_PrepareStr(stmt, StringBuf_Value(&buf)) || SQL_SUCCESS != SqlStmt_Execute(stmt)) SqlStmt_ShowDebug(stmt); }
  5. I did not understood your problem, can you explain more datailed?
  6. ty for the answer, unfortunately I need to query from source
  7. I'v beem working on pc.cpp and I want to store death log into db when I try if (SQL_ERROR == Sql_Query(sql_handle, "Insert into death_log(char_id,killer_type,killer_id,map,time,lasthit) values(%d,'%s',%d,%d,'%s',%d)",150000,"BL_PC",150004,1,"20031020",1)) Sql_ShowDebug(sql_handle); Error C2065 'sql_handle': identifier not defined map-server D:\rathena\src\map\pc.cpp 8498 how setup db connection from pc.cpp ,skills.cpp ,stats.cpp etc and execute simple querys? "Insert into 'test'(testint) values (1)"
  8. check status.cpp void status_change_clear_buffs(struct block_list* bl, uint8 type) ... switch (i) { // Stuff that cannot be removed case SC_WEIGHT50: case SC_WEIGHT90: case SC_COMBO: case SC_SMA: ..... check if your buff is in list then comment with //
  9. I'm wondering and searching thru pk rathena source system and I think modifying it is the way to go(using karma points), Are you interested on a co-lab on this system?
  10. there is any script/source that implement skull system from tibia? https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Skull_System I'v been searching the last few days about this on google/forums and got nothing similar, someone interested on this project?
  11. is IgnoreDex,IgnoreStatus,IgnoreItemBonus set true?
  12. If the renew part of the file starts/stops at certain point of the file you can try "ctrl + shift + end" to select from the current point of cursor until the end or "ctrl + shift + home" to select from start point until the beginning is it your problem? if not please give us a more visual exemple
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