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  1. I'm too lazy to look and the code and fix it myself, so I'm just gonna leave it here: > GrfCL.exe -breakOnExceptions true -extractRgz file.rgz . fires -shellopen nevertheless. Also if file.rgz is not found, it throws an exception: #Log : Breaking on exceptions = True // // GRF Error Handler has thrown an exception : // Error level : Warning // Message : Could not find file 'F:\RAGNAROK ONLINE\CLIENT\TOOLS\GRF Editor v1.2.6\GrfCL\file.rgz'. //________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #Log : Extracted RGZ to file.rgz but does not break. Both bugs are little annoying, especially when processing a huge amount of files (every rgz unpacked = lost application focus; no chance to really spot missing files - need to check for them in shell script instead) Almost forgot, using v.1.2.6
  2. static int achievement_update_sub( DBKey key, DBData *data, va_list ap ) { struct achievement_data *ad = ( struct achievement_data *) db_data2ptr(data); And... static int achievement_count_special_sub( DBKey key, DBData *data, va_list ap ) { struct achievement_data *ad = ( struct achievement_data *) db_data2ptr(data);
  3. If the client that is required for some feature to work is supported in rAthena, it should be enabled by default.
  4. Do not use old source because of security/reliability issues. I strongly recommend adapting recent core to your needs (maybe rA before RE was added, or eA, so around ~r15000). Of course secuirty is not an issue on a non-public server. You could however use old scripts, spawns and item/mob databases, after some adjustments.
  5. Or there is an item that is supposed to give a skill, but the skill id or name is mistyped.
  6. Because that's the revision you're using now.
  7. I mean it is only possible if you modify rAthena's source code. Clean rAthena installation has no such feature.
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