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  1. I'm too lazy to look and the code and fix it myself, so I'm just gonna leave it here: > GrfCL.exe -breakOnExceptions true -extractRgz file.rgz . fires -shellopen nevertheless. Also if file.rgz is not found, it throws an exception: #Log : Breaking on exceptions = True // // GRF Error Handler has thrown an exception : // Error level : Warning // Message : Could not find file 'F:\RAGNAROK ONLINE\CLIENT\TOOLS\GRF Editor v1.2.6\GrfCL\file.rgz'. //________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #Log : Extracted RGZ to file.rgz but does not break. Both bugs are little annoying, especially when processing a huge amount of files (every rgz unpacked = lost application focus; no chance to really spot missing files - need to check for them in shell script instead) Almost forgot, using v.1.2.6
  2. static int achievement_update_sub( DBKey key, DBData *data, va_list ap ) { struct achievement_data *ad = ( struct achievement_data *) db_data2ptr(data); And... static int achievement_count_special_sub( DBKey key, DBData *data, va_list ap ) { struct achievement_data *ad = ( struct achievement_data *) db_data2ptr(data);
  3. If the client that is required for some feature to work is supported in rAthena, it should be enabled by default.
  4. Do not use old source because of security/reliability issues. I strongly recommend adapting recent core to your needs (maybe rA before RE was added, or eA, so around ~r15000). Of course secuirty is not an issue on a non-public server. You could however use old scripts, spawns and item/mob databases, after some adjustments.
  5. Or there is an item that is supposed to give a skill, but the skill id or name is mistyped.
  6. Because that's the revision you're using now.
  7. I mean it is only possible if you modify rAthena's source code. Clean rAthena installation has no such feature.
  8. I know. Checkout a clean r15725, or whatever you're using now. Copy all files from your server to that clean working copy. Some will get modified (like setting files, or source files if you did mods). Now you can update your working copy to newer revision and all settings/mods will stay there (few conflicts can show up though, and you'll have to resolve them by hand).
  9. Gepard


    src/map/map.h #define MAX_NPC_PER_MAP 512 If you go over limit, you'll see warning on map-server console ("too many NPCs in one map"), and NPC will not be added to map. There is also a similar limit for mob spawnsets per map, and it's by default 128.
  10. On a side note, these messages are not limited to 2011 clients. I've seen them at least since 2010.
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