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  1. for Longest Def Ranking is this Paid or Free?
  2. Items Looted from Pet will be gone when Player changed Map. Hi everyone, does anyone know if this is the pet's default settings in this latest version of rathena, If it's not, can you please try help me solve this problem. All I want for the pet is to retain all the items that it looted when changing maps.
  3. Yeah i want to enable dota swap ( fire ivy ) on emp just like vanro style it works on gvg on too but still cant swap the emp, only mobs and players works... need help
  4. This is my script on skill.cpp how to work on emp? case DOTASWAP: if ( (dstsd || dstmd) || !status_has_mode(tstatus,MD_IGNOREMELEE|MD_IGNOREMAGIC|MD_IGNORERANGED|MD_IGNOREMISC)) { int x = src->x, y = src->y; if (skill_check_unit_movepos(5,src,bl->x,bl->y,0,0)) { clif_skill_nodamage(src, src, skill_id, skill_lv, 1); clif_blown(src); unit_movepos(bl,x,y,0,0); if (bl->type == BL_PC && pc_issit((TBL_PC*)bl)) clif_sitting(bl); //Avoid sitting sync problem clif_blown(bl); map_foreachinallrange(unit_changetarget, src, AREA_SIZE, BL_CHAR, src, bl); } } break;
  5. can someone help me how to enabled dota swap on emp? i cant swap the emperium only on mobs and players sry for my bad english I use this script
  6. How to Unli Spawn Mini boss?

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