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  1. small question. how about: // Enable [1-2] or disable[0] player's Extra Bonuses? // 1 = enable for all players any bonuses from db/extra_bonuses.txt // 2 = enable only for players which have a specific variable "EXTRA_BONUS", type 1 // 3 = enable only for players which have a specific variable "EXTRA_BONUS", type 2 enable_extra_bonus: X( X can be 1,2,3) 1,{ bonus bStr,20; } 2,{ bonus bAgi,20; } switch(enable_extra_bonus) { case 1: work on all players; break; case 2: all bonuses work on all players which specific variable "EXTRA_BONUS" != 0; break; case 3: bonuses just work on players which specific variable "EXTRA_BONUS" = bonus's number; break; } end;
  2. ra has own special drop system. my patch and ra has conflict(sorry for my bad english)
  3. make sure you will patch in eathena, if you sure,patch all and recompiled. other project please edit that code reference for my file by your hand.
  4. 81 downloads

    Why make it for other's request Syntax Example Snippet // set map prontera max aspd limit at 189 // value range (X - 199) I never think about lowest value can be how much prontera mapflag aspdlimit 189
  5. Already tried it, everytime i restart the server, it reads 0 entries in the item_droprate.txt But when i use reloadmobdb, it reads the entries in the item_droprate.txt that is impossable... i test in my localhost. it always loaded when server boot/relaodmobdb/mapexit did you sure you has add a line + // load common drop function. by [dreamunreal] + mob_common_droprate(); in mob.c's function static void mob_load(void) ??? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't know what went wrong, it suddenly works... It's just reading the item_droprate.txt when Dropflag is set to 0... But i'm experiencing a bug... Dropflag 0 is not working... 1000,985,1 that should make elunium .01% drop right? but still 100% for every mob... how about your switch common_drop.adv_flag: 1 you need turn off this switch if you want to set drop rate for any monster who drop this item! if this switch is on. the number must monster' nameid. id 1000 is a dummy monster as my memory. is it?. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this patch base EA... not 3ceam. if you want to use in 3ceam that patch it by your hand!.
  6. Ra is kRO Simulator not Iro Simulator,Why persist in iro,ignoring the twro formula most close to kro? any one tell me?

  7. 1: create item_droprate.txt in db folder as item database. not a npc. 2: find conf/battle/drop.conf add new line common_drop.adv_flag: 1 as a switch, if you use type 2 (switch off) format in item_droprate.txt must like this: any number,itemid,rate e.g: 0,985,10000 1000,985,10000 // it will set item 985 drop rate to 100% if your use type 1(switch on) format in item_droprate.txt must like this: mobid,itemid,rate e.g: 1219,4120,10000 // it will set knight of abyss's knight of abyss card's drop rate to 100% 1150,985,1 // it will set moonlight_flower's elunium's drop rate to 0.01% if you add new line or modify a line in item_droprate.txt it will run when you reload mobdb,after save.
  8. File Name: Advanced common drop system File Submitter: dreamunreal File Submitted: 26 Dec 2011 File Category: Source Modifications Ind's Special item drop system can't do it. so. I base on Ind's work to finish this to solve xazax's probrom. this patch. base on eAthena r15049 trunk. that is all,. enjoy it. Click here to download this file
  9. if thier is two format in a database. program read it one by one. and save in diffrent array. from begin to here is no probrom. but when the drop rate seted.the data from two array must in conflict.
  10. I come from china. I can read any chinese script.. but my english so pool.....-_-b
  11. i can wait for admin to check my upload.. add mirror by pastebin
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