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  1. Can someone share to me OLD MOROCC NPCs please or old morocc.txt?
  2. Hi! Help. I dont have Aura Blade Status Icon when I cast the spell. Can someone help me fix this?
  3. Do these platform have MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION?
  4. I do have GEPARD SHIELD. Is this an issue? Also clientinfo.xml is 100% correct. I will try to re-download the client.
  5. - script VIP_STATUSs -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if ( vip_status(1) ) { set viptime, vip_status(3); sc_start SC_EXPBOOST,viptime,0; set [email protected], vip_status(VIP_STATUS_EXPIRE); dispbottom "Account Status : VIP Account"; dispbottom "Expire Date: "+ gettimestr("%m-%d-%Y %H:%M:%S",21,vip_status(VIP_STATUS_EXPIRE)); dispbottom "Time left : "+ callfunc("Time2Str",[email protected]); end; }
  6. How to fix this? Can anybody send me map for this one?
  7. Hi guys! Is this possible? I am trying this code but it doesnt work vipseconds = vip_status(3); SC_JEXPBOOST,vipseconds,0;
  8. Na try ko gamitin yung IP ng vultr server ko. Pero yung error di naman maka connect sa MYSQL. Ano kaya problema?
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