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  1. Is there any scripts like this? Same in Ragnarok Mobile, the mentor and apprentice receive rewards every 10 levels.
  2. Hi everytime I queue on Battleground KVM Level 59 and below, client will crash. Any fix on this? I am using 20151104 client.
  3. Do we have it here in rAthena? Or is there a guide on how to make it?
  4. Do you have the link for that patch? I cant find it.
  5. Did somebody tried to make this? To have an ICON STATUS on right side together with timer? Is this possible?
  6. Hi! Someone know how to adjust the @refresh fade time? Can we make it fast?
  7. Everything is correct. All settings are perfectly followed. No error on Login, Map and Char Server. What could be the problem? Everything works perfectly on my test server, when I upload it on VULTR, this is the problem. Cant connect. Help please.
  8. Hi! How to add @rewardlist? Also the time remaining is not working, it is showing as -102757261.
  9. Daily reward script is not working well. Especially the time remaining to claim the reward, it shows -1028627162. Also can anyone help me how to add @rewardlist? I am using https://github.com/Stolao/Npc_Release/blob/master/Daily_Reward/DailyReward_v2.txt
  10. Can someone help me how to create command that will show the reward list? I am using Stolao Daily Login Reward Script.
  11. Is there a guide here that shows step by step process in making a server? I have search the google it seems some of the links were dead. Thank you!
  12. Hi guys! Is there any hosting sites that provides monthly Gepard Shield Subscription? PS. Does anyone know the host of LuponRO?
  13. To find out who is active on the server just make an npc that does @who command. Displays all active players.
  14. I cant choose Singapore Data Center, what's the problem? I chose VPS 2016 Cloud RAM 1.
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