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  1. To find out who is active on the server just make an npc that does @who command. Displays all active players.
  2. I cant choose Singapore Data Center, what's the problem? I chose VPS 2016 Cloud RAM 1.
  3. What is the best hosting that offers good services and up time?
  4. Try searching next time. Here you go:
  5. Hello you looking for a dev?

  6. My RO fonts are working well in Windows 10 below. When I use my laptop (Which is Windows 10), the fonts appeared to be small. This is my clientinfo.xml
  7. How to change the server time? It doesnt change when I changed it on eADevConfig.php.
  8. Is it possible to make one for mobile?
  9. Thanks Emistry. But im looking for the translated name images. I want the images with translated names. And it is located at Collection folder.
  10. Anyone got english collection folder? Items names translated into english.
  11. How to remove this message when you login? Item Security DISABLE: Use @security for more options.
  12. Hello. I am confused on how this thing works. Multiple Server on the same host. I have read the guide here ( But im still confused. Is it possible to have one Database on 2 different server? And is it advisable? Or Is it better to have it separated?
  13. Hello. Can someone help me duplicated ROTD for information purposes? I want to put ROTD in every town, but the problem is, when I try to duplicated the whole ROTD Script, it makes another ROTD on my server, not a duplicated from the first one, so 2 RUNNING ROTD Scripts. I want it to only duplicate the ROTD Information, not the whole script. I want the duplicate NPC to show the ROTD Information only, no GM Menu. I tried this script: prontera,151,95,6 script ROTD#test 436,{ switch(select("^4EEE94ROTD Information^000000: Close")){ case 1: mes "^FF0000ROTD^000000 refer to ^0000FFRace of the Day^000000"; mes "In another word, it mean that the ^FF0000Monster's Race^000000 that you killed by day will grant you ^FF0000Bonus EXP^000000."; next; mes "[ ^FF0000Today's ROTD^000000 ]"; mes "^0000FF"+.rotd$[.today_rotd]+"^000000 Race"; break; default: close; } end; OnInit: waitingroom "[ Race of the Day ]",0; end; } But doesnt display the ROTD Race. HELP PLEASE!