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  1. hello , i try to add item database and mob database but it not showing : Items Search... No items found. Go back. already add item_db.sql , item2_db.sql , mob_db.sql , mob2_db.sql in my database and i already clear the log folder and reinstall flux , but my item and monster still not showing Thanks,
  2. it's working thanks, but im still dont understand why my sclientinfo not working before?
  3. here's my sclientinfo... im using 2018-06-21a ragexeRE so i think its using sclientinfo right ? here my exe @Functor 2018-06-21aRagexeRE.exe TeMPoison.exe
  4. hello want to ask about make second connection on client i have this on my sclientinfo : if i want make 2 connection i just add connection like this right ? but its not working , is there any files i need to edit ? thanks
  5. naah i mean how to unlock that slot ?
  6. hello , want to ask... how to increase slot character on client ? already edit on mmo.h and recompile still not working... and i try to see nemo there is no increase slot character so how to increase / add more slot for character ? note : im using client 2018-06-21aRE thanks...
  7. @Functor do you have a website ? i want to see price list for gepard Thanks
  8. hey ty for reply @Diospectre already redownload all files and replace my configuration files from my old server , but error is still there with same error.. i just can see that map has been reached and it continue with fast scroll sorry for bad english
  9. helo rAthena, i try to update my server when i use git pull nothing error , but when i start the server i got this error : please help, thanks...
  10. Dear all need help, i want to try using RO Credential from ai4rei and i already make sure to disable Packet Obfuscation from server and my client. but error still showing when my character entering map and i already recompile file , please help thanks...
  11. please help , i try to compile new rathena and get this error... and code error is C1083 how to fix it ? thanks,
  12. yes, i try to compile rAthena source with cygwin on windows , because i cannot use MS Build Tools or Visual Studio... so i just download https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48159 this right ?