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  1. Akira Sudou/As Sekiria Waiting for YOU Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 OST
  2. Security won't be an issue. Expected max population might be about 20 people, all old friends and family. The purpose of the server is more like a graphical IRC environment, where we can simply play around and re-live our old memories.
  3. Thank you, Lige. This is very helpful. 2005 would be acceptable. I still need to try to hit up some old friends who just might have some very old files.
  4. Thank you. Sorry I seem to be lurking so much; just reading up on all I can; very little to contribute yet.
  5. Mine don't, but I'm over it now.
  6. jenkat

    This or That?

    PC Car transmission: automatic or manual?
  7. Thankyou For now, I am mainly lurking and reading.
  8. I've seen a couple others here.
  9. My choice for awesome video on youtube. You need 15 minutes for it, ok?
  10. jenkat

    Back ^^

    From what I gathered, having discovered the eA board a couple of days ago and doing a little quick reading, the community felt that the forum wasn't being maintained well, and that the project lead(s) were not leading the project well, and so a good portion of the community moved itself here in order to participate with a project which had more vitality.
  11. Thanks. I often wonder what the likelihood is that I will unexpectedly bump into someone I knew years ago in a place like this.
  12. I am thinking that's what I'll have to do; manually cut out the parts of the world I don't want. It's true that the current emulator projects were not in operation at that time, but there have been private servers since before the game even went pay-to-play. Often, they were running the original Aegis server software, but reverse-engineered emulation was happening by 2003, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, the reason I want the old version is because I have absolutely zero interest in every new skill, adjustment, map, mob, or hat which was released after I stopped playing. The problem with editing the hell out of a contemporary version is not simply removing NPCs and maps to make the world functionally smaller, but re-scripting a ton of other things which have changed, and replacing current maps with old ones, etc. I guess I just need to get into the repository and see how far back this trunk goes....
  13. I know. Pics or it didn't happen, tits or GTFO, etc. I'm almost 40 years old now, and I don't care anymore. She is almost 40, too. We've been together since college. Her kids are 19 and 17. There is also a grandson. We're old hags now. If you call me Obaachan, it may help dispel those impure thoughts.
  14. Hello friends, I have been reading JudasBible for preparation to set up, but I have a question: Is it possible to set up a server for a very old version of RO? Specifically, I am interested in "Episode 3" version, circa 2002/2003, during time of 2nd Beta. Aldebaran release is the newest. Not at all interested in modern RO, 3rd jobs, RE, etc. Is this possible? What do I need to look for in SVN? Also, will I need to find a download of the same (old) RO client? Or is it possible to use current client files for this? Thank you for any advice.
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