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  1. you really can't expect two different emulators to work with each other seamlessly unless you create a compatibility layer in-between them.
  2. Follow only the section for 1 Login-server with Multiple Char-Server then just repeat the things stated for the "character servers" and adjust all "2" to "3" accordingly for the 3rd character server.
  3. Is this it? Why dont you tell us exactly what you need @YtalloNv
  4. You can check this in packets.hpp what you will see there is the current client being supported by rA. You can expect backward compatibility as well. for you main question, I'm not sure, I haven't messed with the client for a long time
  5. I'm trying to understand what is different from the current implementation or maybe you can point it out?
  6. You can try adding a check on the player's status and current map in pc.cpp's pc_setpos() and make sure it does not set the position so the map server will think that the cell is walkable https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/55acdb9863382d8935d9df25e1462d5d1ebd7d54/src/map/pc.cpp#L5470
  7. Can you post a snippet of your code? We can't help you much without any visibility
  8. I see. I've yet to check things out again as I've just got back from a razzle dazzle IRL. I might check this out in the coming weeks.
  9. I dont remember this as official behavior. Are you using source mods for this?
  10. Pls make it a habit to post how you fixed it. This is a community and we would really like to prevent redundancy of support being asked over and over again. ? thanks
  11. It'll be good to have especially for those people who knows how and loves to use the search function. Like if I find a topic, browse it then click on tags inside to find related stuff about it. Like this one, I can put a tag such as: suggestion, tags, forums, ninja, etc.
  12. mejo maraming context yang tanong mo. in normal cases, pag hindi naka GR and/or Deviling, yes. 1 hit.
  13. In actuality, it is not ignored. The connection is just too fast that you are not able to see it. Also, please take note that seeing "Please Wait" means that you are having a noticeable amount of lag between you and the server. Also, can you please make us understand why you want to see this screen? If I were a player in your server and keep seeing "Please Wait" I'm prolly going to find another server to join in. "Players" don't like to wait.
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