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  1. Hi, how to make player that from different Guild but in the same Party, can kill each other & ignore any party buff when at WOE map?
  2. Greetings all... This script is working as intended, but this will make player that play from internet cafe with thin client got kicked from the map because have same uniqueid. Need to make it like this: if last_unique_id is the same, but the IP is different, player will not get kicked out from the map. if last_unique_i is the same, and the IP is the same, player will get kicked out from the map. quiz_00,0,0,0 script dck#quiz00 111,{ OnPCLoadMapEvent: set [email protected]$, strcharinfo(3); if([email protected]$!=.npcmap$) end; set [email protected], query_sql("SELECT DISTINCT `account_id` FROM `char` WHERE `account_id` IN (SELECT `account_id` FROM `login` WHERE `last_unique_id` = (SELECT `last_unique_id` FROM `login` WHERE `account_id`="+getcharid(3)+")) AND `online` <> 0;",[email protected]); if([email protected]) { for(set([email protected],0);[email protected]<[email protected];set([email protected],[email protected]+1)) { getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0,rid2name([email protected][[email protected]])); if([email protected][email protected]$&&rid2name([email protected][[email protected]])!=strcharinfo(0)) { dispbottom "No dual in this area."; warp "SavePoint",0,0; } } } end; OnInit: set .npcmap$, strnpcinfo(4); setmapflag .npcmap$, mf_loadevent ; } Thank you for helping me.
  3. lzm


    hi, the script works for me. I have question, how to make the MVP Ladder count killing MVP at instance too? Because the script works for normal spawn mvp / GM summon thank you
  4. lzm


    I got the same result "Nobody is selling it now."
  5. lzm

    Alayne's Scripts Collection

    Hi, I tried the new Morse Cave, and I can't create instance.. I'm stuck at Senior Tracker NPC When I used the script before this new update, I'm able to create the instance. When two party go inside, one of the party get stuck in first room (after Ghoul) with Satan Morroc inside. And, for Infinite Space, after I defeat the last boss, after notice "Dimension will collapse in a few moments", nothing happen and I stuck inside the instance.
  6. lzm


    Hi, I have weird problem, after selecting the char, the screen will go black and leave small square at the top left windows, and the char can move & interact with npc although user can't see it . It only happen on 2 player, and we all have the same game files. How to fix this?