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  1. Hello, I Don't know if there is still a response in this script, But as of today Im using this daily login reward,. and I encounter a problem, when the player is a VIP it must give 2 rewards but there is always a weight warning after giving the first reward, and need to relog to receive it. btw im not full inventory at that time. Thanks
  2. Hello Good day rathena, I need some help on how my idea will work here is the explanation and some example I duplicated a Monster and modified some of its stats What I need is 100HP Monster and a 1HP damage receive per attack of player and I already fix this parts of the modification using Modes: IgnoreMagic: true IgnoreMelee: true IgnoreMisc: true IgnoreRanged: true this is the result, and this is perfect! BUT, Check the second picture Here is the problem, When the player use a reflect buff like reject sword,. the monster will die easy if not 1hit (Because of 100HP)., This part is I need some help, I want the reject sword or any reflect damage will have 1hp damage only or none at all. I hope someone will have an idea on how to do it thank you More power!
  3. anyone can give me a specific guide? How can I make this show in my thor launcher? I already copy the files and save it on my webfile and already finish setup the database access (Host,User,Pass,Database. but how can I make it show in the launcher? thanks
  4. Hi Good day, in this script possible to have 2 or 3 different mobs to hunt in 1 quest? Thank you
  5. lyleham

    ASk refund

    where can I ask for refund for my fluxcp theme I bough a theme yesterday but the files is broken, I can't access my fluxcp now its stay on loading no addons and unsupported so I cant fix it.
  6. Hi Functor, I gave my Skype ID. Please add me and let's start doing the Gepard shield. Thanks

  7. Hi Functor. Inbox please. 🙂

    1. lyleham


      Replied! Thanks!

  8. I wouldn't look if I did. Sir. anyway I'm willing to pay for it
  9. Anyone here with a full Trans Configured Server ready for running? Please message me or reply here. Thanks!
  10. Yup saw that one before bro but it has some errors and the script is not proper. Thanks for the suggest though
  11. Anyone with a fully working script for Morse Cave and Temple of Demon God instance?
  12. Anyone got the final Bio Labs? (Bio Labs 5)
  13. Hi! I tried the script. Thanks! But the treasure room at the end of the quest is not working I guess... And looks like only one in the party could get the temporal crystal congulated spell... >_<
  14. If you occasionally do a @reloadscript tendency is Treasure Chests don't spawn at all. They are afterall considered as mobs too!
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