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  1. Hello! I am developing an instanced combat system, and I would like to have spectators. Current problem: Currently, spectator mode allows to have invisible players in a map, but they occupy one cell in that map cache. This would interrupt the cells where the fighters would need to fight. Proposed solution: Is it possible to load spectators in the same map than fighters, but have two sets of cells overlapped, one for spectators and one for fighters? Is it also possible to show fighters in the minimap for that map? Any alternative solutions might be considered Thank you Jensen.
  2. we want the villas maps !! rent_mc, rent_ma, etc, please !!
  3. @Cydh compilation has no errors. How can I select desired race? Is there a list for that ? Like Demon, or some enumeration? Thanks!! @Cydh The effect is not being applied, I debugged checking bRace in a script, and returns a 10, which is for RC_Player.
  4. need a src mod to change player's race on card equip. latest rAthena revision. rewarded.
  5. Hello. Is it already implemented, when you will equip an equip (card) to change your race? Thanks!
  6. Is this working in rAthena? Any guide? Thanks
  7. Hi @Emistry Is there any way to not load the blacklisted sprites? Now they appear as sprites ingame, but when you go on them there is a message displaying [REMOVED]. Is it possible not to load them, instead of displaying this message? Thanks!! Jensens.
  8. Hello, I'd like a script that schedules WOE every week with all castles activated from specific City. Chosen city should be random among all cities. Is it possible to add this feature in a current script like woe_controller.txt? Thanks!
  9. Hello, I'd like to extend palettes at my server. Classes are until transcendent (reborn - paladin, high wizard, etc...) I would like to have a set of palettes with normal basic colors, good looking, and maybe classified by colors/categories in order to be sold through NPC for specific dyes. I do not want to have ugly black palettes, shiny colors, or aesthetics breaking palettes. Please contact me for a showcase. Thanks. Jensens.
  10. Hello, I'd like to build a minigame similar to Final Fantasy 8's triple triad card game with ragnarok online cards If someone is interested in taking part of this project please message me. Thanks, Jensens.
  11. @Ninja could you please guide me on how to do the short way ?
  12. Hello, I'd like to have a script that recreates the Olympiad alike to Lineage 2 game. If you don't know it, it's basically an instanced 1v1 arena (which I could find on the scripts section) that randomizes encounters for all participants in a list during a certain hour of the week. Features are: - Enrolled players get matched by pairs in 1v1 pvp instances. After match, player gets unlisted again and points rebalanced. - Unenrolled players can watch the pvp matches by being ported as hidden to that map. - Match would start in 60 seconds from porting the 2 players to the instance room. - Winner gets 1/3 from loser's total amount of points. - Points can be exchanged for rewards... If someone is bored and wants to have a look at this hit me a PM and we'll speak through discord Thanks, Jensen.
  13. Hello, I have been looking around to get a costume.txt npc that trades a head item (mid/low/up) to the correspondent costume for a certain amount of zeny. I came accross the clown, but the costume function must be implemented in the source code. I was trying to do it manually, because through git I get several errors while trying to patch the diff, and manually doing the changes won't work because the revision is too old.. Isn't there a simpler way to achieve this ? Are all that src modifications necessary? Thanks, Jensens.
  14. @nikita54421, do you know if there are some incompatibility/stability issues with this client further episode 7? Are you using ShinDiffs to diff this client? Thanks in advance!
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