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  1. JohnnyPlayy

    [Showcase] Love Beach

    Incredible too much
  2. JohnnyPlayy

    Script episode 16.2 & 17.1

    Hello, I'll start doing the script for episodes 16.2 and 17.1. Has anyone here done or is doing, or does it help me to develop the scripts?
  3. JohnnyPlayy

    Erro no diff @security

    Tenta colocar o diff manualmente
  4. JohnnyPlayy

    Replacement for addrid

    I liked it, one thing that would be cool also a click limiter
  5. JohnnyPlayy

    [w0w] Mini World Project

    I liked your incredible project.
  6. JohnnyPlayy

    Replay Error

    Client Version 2018-06-20
  7. JohnnyPlayy

    Replay Error

    Strange because I have the data and the client updated, Level kro when something comes out in kro I already put in my data. And I also do the translation
  8. JohnnyPlayy

    Replay Error

    Replay was made on the new client
  9. JohnnyPlayy

    Replay Error

    All right, somebody can help me! Error while using replay
  10. JohnnyPlayy

    Quest Rockridge

    I'll start developing the Rockridge script for someone to help? I already have almost everything already done in town mobs, item, stores and all npc of the city, What is missing now are the quests
  11. JohnnyPlayy

    Limit click on the NPCs

    It works fine, you can add a time when the player clicks 3 times has to wait 60 seconds to talk to the npc again
  12. JohnnyPlayy

    Limit click on the NPCs

    Is there any way to limit clicks on the NPC? example: I speak with npc 1 2 and 3 times in 4 times can not talk to npc.
  13. JohnnyPlayy

    npctalk problems

    AnnieRuru Thank you very much.
  14. JohnnyPlayy

    npctalk problems

    Tokei Thank you very much.