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  1. Error LangType

    help please
  2. Error LangType

    I'm using the language 0 But it is the error in the texts that are in Portuguese. Example!
  3. Error LangType

    You can solve this problem?
  4. Error LangType

    I'm trying to use a 12 language type, but my client does not accept it. How can I solve this problem? Thanks for your help
  5. ERRO Client 2018

    Error in 'itemInfo.lua' I'll send the file to you.
  6. Official DeV Future Updates 2018 kRO

    Very good (:
  7. Porings.

    Verifica seus aquivo lua.
  8. Projeto de Tradução

    Opa Adoraria fazer parte dessa equipe!! Meu Skype:Lenon555
  9. January Digest 2018

  10. R> Channel
  11. (Pedido) NPC Warper

    Take a look!!
  12. Hello okay wants help in Dream script?

  13. create theme fluxcp

    Hi I want to code and make design Using PhotoShop I know use well to encode do not know what to use because I'm not good in php What you can point me to use?
  14. create theme fluxcp

    Hello I'm a big doubt I wanted to create a theme for fluxcp most do not know how to do this Algem can help me with this? what to use to do this?
  15. Patch Ro

    I never saw anyone using the official update patch ragnarok gravity I wonder if and allowed to use?