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  1. JohnnyPlayy

    npctalk problems

    AnnieRuru Thank you very much.
  2. JohnnyPlayy

    npctalk problems

    Tokei Thank you very much.
  3. JohnnyPlayy

    npctalk problems

    I'm using, which I really wanted to appear just on the screen, not in chat harboro1,215,212,1 script #RR04 111,5,5,{ end; OnTouch: npctalk "West: The inn, East: The Sheriff's Office", "", bc_self; end; }
  4. JohnnyPlayy

    npctalk problems

    Hi guys. Is there any way to make npctalk appear only in chat without popup chat?
  5. JohnnyPlayy

    Emulator does not connect to client

    Resolved, It was the antivirus. Thank you for your help
  6. char-server does not connect What must be the problem?
  7. JohnnyPlayy

    Microsoft Visual Error

    sorted out
  8. JohnnyPlayy

    Microsoft Visual Error

    I've tried everything I can not solve this mistake. Is it missing something to install? Thank you who can help
  9. JohnnyPlayy

    Error LangType

    I'm using the language 0 But it is the error in the texts that are in Portuguese. Example! help please
  10. JohnnyPlayy

    Error LangType

    You can solve this problem?
  11. JohnnyPlayy

    Error LangType

    I'm trying to use a 12 language type, but my client does not accept it. How can I solve this problem? Thanks for your help
  12. JohnnyPlayy

    ERRO Client 2018

    Error in 'itemInfo.lua' I'll send the file to you.
  13. JohnnyPlayy

    Official DeV Future Updates 2018 kRO

    Very good (:
  14. JohnnyPlayy


    Verifica seus aquivo lua.
  15. JohnnyPlayy

    Projeto de Tradução

    Opa Adoraria fazer parte dessa equipe!! Meu Skype:Lenon555