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  1. Post a print so I can see the level and the experience bar.
  2. For me work just fine. Probably you have enabled some diff in the NEMO that I don't remember well, but I guess it's a diff that modify the usage of the register of the Windows OS.
  3. The client that I posted is not this, but I don't know the source of this problem.
  4. Probably he is not using DLLs from kRO, but from another server region.
  5. Dedicated are really expensive, isn't it? I think this will improve compile time for low budget servers.
  6. Dude, rAthena have specifics forum areas for some languages, the rest is english only. Anyway, this way is basically impossible to see what are the problem that are occurring, you need to upload pieces of that code with have errors.
  7. True, but I have alot of mods on the src because I'm working on a C++ refactor, so, is more easy to me to just press F7. :v But the point is, the more important are the GCC compilers that takes too much time to compile or clean-compile in low budget VM (at least in all my VM and Clouds take a really long time to complete).
  8. Really? Interesting. I have an Intel i7 8700k and it's quite expensive the compilation time here. I took 3 seconds to rebuild however.
  9. Have you realized how long the rAthena needs to be compiled? It's really a long time. I'm surprised that a big project like rAthena doesn't have pre-compiled header (PCH) for speed up the compilation time. My question is: Why? Why rAthena don't have PCH yet? Actually, it's needed at least 3 minutes to compile on my PC with MSVS2017 compiler and an avarage of 5 minutes to be compiled in a single core VM with G++ compiler. So, I think we can include PCH to rAthena based on how much includes from STL we have (without counting those that will be included when the project start really looking like C++) and based that rAthena have a core shared for all the servers. Well, that's just my opinion, comment your too.
  10. Can you specify for me what are the NEMO that you're using for diff? It's from 4144?
  11. Make sure your DATA.INI are including the correct GRF file names.
  12. Doram is enabled if the service settings are enabling Doram. It's recommended to get the latest updates from kRO.
  13. Open the rAthena.sln and after the Visual Studio opens, right-click in the "Solution 'rAthena' (8 projects)" and select the option "Retarget Solution" and hit OK. After that, right-click again and choose "Clean Solution". Try to compile it.
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