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  1. skymia

    Race to 99 Per Class

    is this char base or account base only?
  2. skymia

    tr0n's Warper [1.0.0]

    [Error]: script_set_reg: failed to set param 'Zeny' to -1000. [Debug]: Source (NPC): Kafra Warper#1-1 at prontera (163,195) [Error]: script_set_reg: failed to set param 'Zeny' to -500. [Debug]: Source (NPC): Kafra Warper#1-1 at prontera (163,195) how did you fix this?
  3. is it normal that if you are been stone curse it can 1 hit you by asura strike?
  4. skymia

    (HANSIP) Skill Spam Protection

    could i still use this with 255/120 300 allstats 196aspd server?
  5. skymia

    How to disable this delay

    how about to use flywing or butterflywing does it delay of teleporting somewhere else if been hit by any mobs or characters?
  6. skymia

    Playtime Script

    it can be abuse by using @afk command and autotrade how to auto stop the time play if they are in afk mode, vending mode and idle mode
  7. skymia

    Automatic Speed Change on the map

    how about for GM only? if you login your gm account it will auto the speed to zero
  8. skymia

    H>DB in 2 server in 1 client

    how to fix this issue of mine? i can login also the char on my main server in 2nd server my point is i use same account and i want is if i use 2nd server the char on my main server will not appearing in my 2nd server Main server: Account1: Char name: Skymia 2nd Server: Account1: Char name: Skymia
  9. skymia

    Sealed MVP Cards

    how to put the view pics of the cards? other sealed mvp cards are now in the data.grf and rdata.grf how to add the other that are not included on those grf? like Sealed Mistress, Orc Lord, Lady Tanee Card, etc.
  10. skymia

    Automated Dice Event & LMS

    sor how to fix this errors?
  11. skymia

    invasion script

    sir how about announce the name of the boss they killed?
  12. skymia

    tbox event

    - script Treasure Box Summoner -1,{ OnClock2100: announce "A rare Treasure Box has been spawned somewhere in Prontera.",0; monster "prontera",0,0,"Treasure Box",1955,1,"Treasure Box Summoner::OnTBoxKilled"; OnTBoxKilled: announce "The rare Treasure Box has been destroyed by "+strcharinfo(0)+"!", bc_all; end; } how to fix this error sir?
  13. skymia

    recommendations for a Ragnarok host?

    So if i choose ovh its laggy?
  14. skymia

    invasion script

    - script WorldBoss -1,{ OnClock2153: OnClock2200: announce "World Boss Event Started at League.",0; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",1039,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnNormalKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",1039,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnNormalKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",1039,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnNormalKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",3074,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",2249,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",2251,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",2253,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",2255,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",2476,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; end; OnNormalKilled: dispbottom "Sorry, i am not the Boss"; end; OnBossKilled: getitem 7227,10; dispbottom "You killed 1 Boss"; end; } @Emistry sir on your script 1. how to announce the boss killer and how to make the reward if the boss killed with a random item? item example is castle drops samle item is billow,esg, spirit of fish, etc. 2.if all the boss was killed it will announce the world boss is finish the city have been save by the heroes if midgard thanks in advance
  15. skymia

    request Random spawn Monster Event

    - script spawn_woe -1,{ OnInit: setarray .mob_ID, 1001, 1002, 1003, 1005; // add more mob id setarray .map_event$, "prontera", "geffen"; // yours woe map .size_mob = getarraysize( .mob_ID ); .size_map = getarraysize( .map_event$ ); end; OnMinute00: OnMinute30: [email protected] = rand( .size_mob ); [email protected] = rand( .size_map ); monster .map_event$[[email protected]],0,0,"--ja--", .mob_ID[[email protected]],1,""; announce "a "+ strmobinfo( 1,.mob_ID[[email protected]] ) +" is spawn in "+ .map_event$[[email protected]] +" !",0; end; } 1. How to put a NPC to warp into the spawning site of the Boss and it will dissappear if the event and the boss already summoned into that map? setarray .map_event$, "Custom Map"; // yours woe map 2. How to announce the killer of the boss? how to set onBossKill function