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  1. R> @afk command + Vending

    why use @autotrade command if you want afk while in vending mode
  2. Stable Client

    ok sir thanks for the info again
  3. Stable Client

    ohh ok sir thnks for the info.. what is better to use? 2014-10-22b or 2013-12-23c
  4. Stable Client

    2014-10-22b This Client in char creation does doram support?
  5. Sprite Fixing

    I will try this wing in every char so that i will restrict the item to the char that not fits it... But is there a way i can resize the sprite to make looks good in every class?
  6. Sprite Fixing

    Ohh sorry sir for wrong section... So there's no way to fix the zoom bug?
  7. Sprite Fixing

    can anyone help how to align this sprite?
  8. Star wars class sprite

    Ohhh ok sir
  9. Star wars class sprite

    Woah thats too much money for that custom classes haha
  10. Star wars class sprite

    ohh who is selling it and how much for that sprite?
  11. Star wars class sprite

    Does anyone have the custom class sprite of darkro server? I tried searching but there's none of it. If anyone have can you share it?
  12. need help Custom job!

    How can i change the taekwon, star glad & sith job sprite? Where can i find it? I want it this way: Taekwon => Padawan class Star Gladiator => Jedi Sith => Sith Lord
  13. Custom Class

    Sino po dito alam gawin yung custom class ng darkro force na Padawan, Jedi & Sith? like ko sana ilagay sa offline server ko
  14. R>Race Event System

    Update us if you already modified as is like in the video sir thanks alot