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  1. Sealed MVP Cards

    how to put the view pics of the cards? other sealed mvp cards are now in the data.grf and rdata.grf how to add the other that are not included on those grf? like Sealed Mistress, Orc Lord, Lady Tanee Card, etc.
  2. Automated Dice Event & LMS

    sor how to fix this errors?
  3. invasion script

    sir how about announce the name of the boss they killed?
  4. tbox event

    - script Treasure Box Summoner -1,{ OnClock2100: announce "A rare Treasure Box has been spawned somewhere in Prontera.",0; monster "prontera",0,0,"Treasure Box",1955,1,"Treasure Box Summoner::OnTBoxKilled"; OnTBoxKilled: announce "The rare Treasure Box has been destroyed by "+strcharinfo(0)+"!", bc_all; end; } how to fix this error sir?
  5. recommendations for a Ragnarok host?

    So if i choose ovh its laggy?
  6. invasion script

    - script WorldBoss -1,{ OnClock2153: OnClock2200: announce "World Boss Event Started at League.",0; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",1039,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnNormalKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",1039,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnNormalKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",1039,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnNormalKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",3074,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",2249,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",2251,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",2253,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",2255,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; monster "league",0,0,"--ja--",2476,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKilled"; end; OnNormalKilled: dispbottom "Sorry, i am not the Boss"; end; OnBossKilled: getitem 7227,10; dispbottom "You killed 1 Boss"; end; } @Emistry sir on your script 1. how to announce the boss killer and how to make the reward if the boss killed with a random item? item example is castle drops samle item is billow,esg, spirit of fish, etc. 2.if all the boss was killed it will announce the world boss is finish the city have been save by the heroes if midgard thanks in advance
  7. request Random spawn Monster Event

    - script spawn_woe -1,{ OnInit: setarray .mob_ID, 1001, 1002, 1003, 1005; // add more mob id setarray .map_event$, "prontera", "geffen"; // yours woe map .size_mob = getarraysize( .mob_ID ); .size_map = getarraysize( .map_event$ ); end; OnMinute00: OnMinute30: [email protected] = rand( .size_mob ); [email protected] = rand( .size_map ); monster .map_event$[[email protected]],0,0,"--ja--", .mob_ID[[email protected]],1,""; announce "a "+ strmobinfo( 1,.mob_ID[[email protected]] ) +" is spawn in "+ .map_event$[[email protected]] +" !",0; end; } 1. How to put a NPC to warp into the spawning site of the Boss and it will dissappear if the event and the boss already summoned into that map? setarray .map_event$, "Custom Map"; // yours woe map 2. How to announce the killer of the boss? how to set onBossKill function
  8. Auto Attack System

    hope someone have a guide with this custom skill
  9. Auto Attack System (High Priest)

    Up for this I want also this idea
  10. R> New World Boss Script

    no one have this type of World Boss Event?
  11. Emp Breaker Announcer

    // Respawn the Emperium, and display new owners. set [email protected]$, strcharinfo(0); sleep 500; // Slow down script execution slightly. if( agitcheck() ) donpcevent "Agit#"+strnpcinfo(2)+"::OnStartArena"; sleep 7000; announce "The [" + getcastlename(strnpcinfo(2)) + "] castle has been conquered by the [" + getguildName([email protected]) + "] guild.",bc_all|bc_woe; end; // War of Emperium has ended. announce "The [" + getcastlename(strnpcinfo(2)) + "] castle has been conquered by [ "[email protected]$+" ] of the [" + getguildName([email protected]) + "] guild.",bc_all; OnAgitEnd: if (strnpcinfo(0) == "Gld_Agit_Manager") end; GvgOff strnpcinfo(2); // If the castle has no owner at the end of WoE, do not kill Emperium. if (GetCastleData(strnpcinfo(2),1)) { KillMonster strnpcinfo(2),"Agit#"+strnpcinfo(2)+"::OnAgitBreak"; } end; is this correct sir?
  12. R> New World Boss Script

    does anyone have this world boss script? Features: 1. Auto event run every 8hrs 2. Announce the event in 3mins before npc will appear in prontera and warp the players on that map 3. The mobs will only be summoned if the npc in prontera will disappear 4. Summon 5 mvp boss and summon normal mobs 5. For the reward it will use the traditional way they will drop the items if they killed in percentage 6. After the boss killed there will be a npc that give supplies and warp back in prontera... hope someone have this kind of world boss....thanks in advance
  13. //===== Hercules Script =========================================== //= King of Emperium Hill //===== By: ======================================================= //= AnnieRuru //===== Current Version: ========================================== //= 1.1 //===== Compatible With: ========================================== //= hercules 2015-12-19 //===== Description: ============================================== //= defends the emperium in the middle of the map until times up //===== Topic ===================================================== //= //===== Additional Comments: ====================================== //= Finally there is a topic for this ! //================================================================= - script KoE FAKE_NPC,{ OnInit: disablenpc "The King#KoE"; disablenpc "Exit#KoE"; bindatcmd "koe", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnCommand", 99,100; end; OnCommand: if ( compare( [email protected]_parameters$, "on" ) ) goto L_start; else if ( compare( [email protected]_parameters$, "off" ) ) goto L_end; else { dispbottom "type - '@koe on' to start the event"; dispbottom "type - '@koe off' to end the event"; } end; L_start: OnClock2000: // everyday 8pm starts if ( .start ) end; gvgon "guild_vs1"; announce "The King of Emperium Hill has begun!", bc_all; .start = true; enablenpc "The King#KoE"; disablenpc "Exit#KoE"; $koegid = 0; donpcevent "::OnRevKoE"; maprespawnguildid "guild_vs1", $koegid, 3; killmonster "guild_vs1", "KoE::OnEmpDead"; monster "guild_vs1",49,49,"EMPERIUM",1288,1,"KoE::OnEmpDead"; end; L_end: OnClock2030: // everyday 8:30pm ends gvgoff "guild_vs1"; announce "The King of Emperium Hill is over!", bc_all; .start = 0; enablenpc "Exit#KoE"; disablenpc "The King#KoE"; killmonster "guild_vs1", "KoE::OnEmpDead"; // maprespawnguildid "guild_vs1", $koegid, 2; // uncomment this line to kick non-owner off the map when event ends end; OnEmpDead: $koegid = getcharid(2); announce "The current King of Emperium Hill is the ["+ strcharinfo(2) +"] guild.", bc_all; donpcevent "::OnRevKoE"; maprespawnguildid "guild_vs1", $koegid, 2; killmonster "guild_vs1", "KoE::OnEmpDead"; sleep 500; if ( .start ) monster "guild_vs1",49,49,"EMPERIUM",1288,1,"KoE::OnEmpDead"; end; } // KoE Entrance prontera,147,187,4 script The King#KoE 1_FLAG_LION,{ mes "[The King]"; if ( !getcharid(2) ) { mes "You must have a guild to participate in the ^FF0000King of Emperium Hill Tournament^000000."; close; } mes "Hello."; mes "Would you like to participate in the ^FF0000King of Emperium Hill Tournament^000000?"; if ( select ( "Yes", "No" ) == 2 ) close; if ( !getvariableofnpc( .start, "KoE" ) ) close; switch( rand(1,4) ){ case 1: warp "guild_vs1", 50, 88; end; case 2: warp "guild_vs1", 88, 50; end; case 3: warp "guild_vs1", 50, 11; end; case 4: warp "guild_vs1", 11, 50; end; } } // KoE Exit guild_vs1,49,56,5 script Exit#KoE 1_M_BARD,{ mes "[Exit]"; mes "See ya."; close2; warp "Save",0,0; if ( getcharid(2) == $koegid ) getitem 30090,1; // configure prize here end; } // Flags guild_vs1,49,38,4 script King of Emperium Hill#1::koe_flag GUILD_FLAG,{ if ( !$koegid ) end; mes "[King of Emperium Hill]"; mes "The Current King of Emperium Hill is the ["+ getguildname($koegid) +"] guild."; close; //OnInit: // Uncomment this line to make the emblem stay after @reloadscript OnRevKoE: flagemblem $koegid; end; } guild_vs1,61,49,6 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#2 GUILD_FLAG guild_vs1,38,49,2 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#3 GUILD_FLAG guild_vs1,49,61,0 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#4 GUILD_FLAG guild_vs1 mapflag nobranch guild_vs1 mapflag nomemo guild_vs1 mapflag nopenalty guild_vs1 mapflag noreturn guild_vs1 mapflag nosave SavePoint guild_vs1 mapflag noteleport guild_vs1 mapflag gvg_noparty guild_vs1 mapflag nowarp guild_vs1 mapflag nowarpto guild_vs1 mapflag guildlock // KoE Exit guild_vs1,49,56,5 script Exit#KoE 1_M_BARD,{ mes "[Exit]"; mes "See ya."; close2; warp "Save",0,0; if ( getcharid(2) == $koegid ) getitem 30090,1; // configure prize here end; How to change into random reward item? i want to put castle drops like ripple, billow, esg, wrath of valk, etc. But in 2 sets the hard one is 30-40% chance and the other is 60-70% just lng in bts quest random but in a chance setup thanks in advance
  14. HP %

    I change this lines but its nothing happens // Paladin (Peco) 4022, 28000,110 ,700 ,470 ,400 ,500 ,500 ,550 ,600 ,600 ,700 ,700 ,650 ,700 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 To // Paladin (Peco) 4022, 28000,180 ,800 ,470 ,400 ,500 ,500 ,550 ,600 ,600 ,700 ,700 ,650 ,700 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000 ,2000
  15. asura slide effect

    i also fixed already hehe