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  1. Napakalinaw na po ng guide sa description na yan
  2. You can use equipable item to implimented that, like 2607,Clip,Clip,,,,,{ atcommand "@adjgroup 1"; },{ atcommand "@adjgroup 0"; },{}
  3. Sorry i realize the sprite is the Game Over, i though thats your signature LOL, Edit: Sorry i can't do that, but it possible to do that like Bad Apple and Video Animation
  4. Its sprite for job or item with 3d effect? show your sprite screenshots
  5. Lol. you can't please anyone to help you because some ppl is busy or not familiar in your issue, tho delete files using thor patcher follow this images, and upload like normal thor patchs
  6. - script Freebies -,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if(!#FREEBIES){ rentitem 1201,259200; dispbottom "Welcome, "+strcharinfo(0)+"."; set #FREEBIES,1; end; } end; }
  7. Yes try this https://rathena.org/board/topic/103114-1-char-per-gm-account-help/?do=findComment&comment=289810
  8. https://github.com/rathena/FluxCP/blob/master/config/servers.php 'UseMD5' => false,
  9. Goto your config/application.php and find 'DebugMode' => false, // Set to false to minimize technical details from being output by Flux. WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS OPTION ON A PUBLICALLY-ACCESSIBLE CP. Change it true, then refresh your browser and take screenshot the error
  10. Your fluxcp database is not yet installed
  11. Try replace the original gepard.grf provided by gepard
  12. Your conf/import-tmpl rename to conf/import
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