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  1. Your rAthena files is clean? or already have gepard patch in your rathena but your client.exe is not? check your conf /gepard_shield.conf disable your gepard gepard_shield_enabled: no
  2. thor patcher doesn't support SSL Certificate
  3. What error failed to communicate? or failed to get etc..
  4. https://www.nfoservers.com good for gaming
  5. Your config.ini is missing you need to Embed or Pack your Thor.exe using ConfigEmbeder.exe or ThorMaker.exe
  6. I think your client cant read your GRF because the Ok button is korean,, double check your data.ini or your hardcoded data.ini if your main grf is priority
  7. Yah thanks for correction, everything is working fine and im using it now, i try to edit your code i want to make similar this i tried to modified your code and change the Class to JobID 4010 and class_arr[[email protected]] = [email protected]; to class_arr[[email protected]] = [email protected], set #HWPoints,#HWPoints +1; but not working - script test123 -1,{ OnPCKillEvent: [email protected] = getcharid(3); if (killedrid == [email protected]) end; attachrid killedrid; [email protected] = 4010; attachrid [email protected]; [email protected] = inarray(class_arr, [email protected]); if ([email protected] == -1) { [email protected] = getarraysize(class_arr); class_arr[[email protected]] = [email protected], set #HWPoints,#HWPoints + 1; count_arr[[email protected]] = 1; } else cleararray count_arr[[email protected]], count_arr[[email protected]] + 1, 1; end; }
  8. Its working, btw can you give me an idea how can i make it similar here OnNPCKillEvent: if( killedrid == 1002 ){ set #PoringKill,#PoringKill + 1; end;
  9. Sorry if you did not understand what I said, I want to make a pvp event challenge and the challenge will kill specific jobs like kill 5 assassin cross or kill 1 sniper / high wizard etc. I want to know how he can kill count every job
  10. Great thank you btw it possible certain class job?
  11. Can the "killedrid" be used instead of the mob id to be job id? or want another way or idea
  12. announce strcharindo(3) + "has won LvL 99 reward." + (30-$99rewards) + " prizes left". to announce strcharinfo(3) + "has won LvL 99 reward." + (30-$99rewards) + " prizes left.",bc_all;
  13. Zack-

    Making a scroll

    LOL to old topic Thats part is script from the item db,, you can use the item line only as the creator said
  14. Ok now goto config/application.php and find debugmode set to true, then refresh your browser post the error msg here 'DebugMode' => true, // Set to false to minimize technical details from being output by Flux. WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS OPTION ON A PUBLICALLY-ACCESSIBLE CP.
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