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  1. custom headgear i know how to do it..but its custom armor,custom boot,custom robe..can u teach me?
  2. custom item garment,shoes,armor,shield,and custom credit
  3. my router dlink DIR-850L ...tried many time and a lot of information i searched..still cant open the port..sorry if im wrong place of topic
  4. bila mahu install..bahagian mana yang perlu ditanda mengikut panduan digambar tu ya..mohon bantuan
  5. i already restart it..but it still same..hmmmm.. still same..please help me
  6. boleh ajar saya tak mcm mana mau setting mysql server
  7. can teach me how to setting mysql in 6.43minutes..that videos show mysql already installed but i not yet install n setting it..pls teach me where to download n how to setting it pls
  8. i got this error when i try to build situation..how can i do?
  9. ok thank you sir..what ragexe i can use for that rathena sir?..i want make server with custom item..thx for response sir
  10. thank you so much sir..i will try it first..if i need some help i will ask later ..1 more thing..this rathena can use 3rd job?
  11. di mana mau download butiran utk server mengandungi custom item serta dgn ragexe sekali
  12. Teach me pls where can i download all contain for making private server RO
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