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  1. it is still in progress https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/3990
  2. I see u have an Error in 'conf/inter_athena.conf' | Check the file again
  3. If u go to downloads section clients 2015 and 2016 its not possible to download
  4. Heya to everyone, I'm requesting this client 2015-05-13. Thx so much
  5. I have done tests and if it goes through the proxy server, what the masquerade does is that it does not pass the real IP of the player. Therefore, as you are redirecting traffic from your main server to the proxy server, what it does is reduce latency. PD: IPtables works better than firewall-cmd (firewalld)
  6. I help this person to setup all, its done
  7. For registration use FluxCP -> https://github.com/rathena/FluxCP Try with this guide for installation
  8. Go this site https://contabo.com/?show=vps
  9. OVH, DigitalOcean, Vultr, etc... Good Options But in my opinion the best choice is this contabo.com price/quality (I have been with them for 6 months and no problems) Support excelent
  10. In your directory with game and your client, u need find an other file with extension .grf (clientinfo, sclientinfo) For example:
  11. Heya bro, Open ur file with extension .grf and edit this files clientinfo and sclientinfo Search this line -> <registrationweb>https://example.com/</registrationweb> Remove link -> <registrationweb></registrationweb>
  12. Finally i resolve it! Dont add -> firewall-cmd --zone=INSERT_ZONE --add-masquerade --permanent For remove in server proxy this command -> firewall-cmd --zone=public --remove-masquerade --permanent /* Port Forwarding CentOS 7 FirewallD */ // ======================================================================== // Please read the comments per line it is self-explanatory. // Important Parameters: // INSERT_ZONE = output of the get default zone // INSERT_IP = is the public IP of your main VPS or server // If you like the guide give it a thumbs up! // ======================================================================== // This command is to get the default zone being used by your VM. firewall-cmd --get-default-zone // This command is to check all rules applied to your VM by the current active zone. firewall-cmd --zone=INSERT_ZONE --list-all // Enabling Masquerade Status (IP Forwarding). // This is the important configuration else below won't work firewall-cmd --zone=INSERT_ZONE --add-masquerade --permanent // IP/Traffic forwarding // Make sure you have configured masquerade firewall-cmd --zone="INSERT_ZONE" --add-forward-port=port=6900:proto=tcp:toport=6900:toaddr=INSERT_IP --permanent firewall-cmd --zone="INSERT_ZONE" --add-forward-port=port=6121:proto=tcp:toport=6121:toaddr=INSERT_IP --permanent firewall-cmd --zone="INSERT_ZONE" --add-forward-port=port=5121:proto=tcp:toport=5121:toaddr=INSERT_IP --permanent // Add rules for ro-ports (assuming that you didn't change the port) firewall-cmd --zone=INSERT_ZONE --add-port=6900/tcp --permanent firewall-cmd --zone=INSERT_ZONE --add-port=6121/tcp --permanent firewall-cmd --zone=INSERT_ZONE --add-port=5121/tcp --permanent // Reload rules to take effect firewall-cmd --reload
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