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  1. Weediff2012Pack_v7.7z (from http://hercules.ws/b...012-4-10ragexe/)
  2. +1 please support, thanks.,
  3. Here http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2843-pin-code-buttons-and-guild-buttons/ http://rathena.org/board/topic/79915-textures-pin-code-buttons-and-guild-buttons/
  4. use the HShield.rar i've use your HShield.rar, but i still get this error message Dont rename the "Ragexe" client
  5. //=================================== // Pincode system //=================================== // NOTE: Requires client 2011-03-09aragexeRE or newer. // A window is opened before you can select your character and you will have to enter a pincode by using only your mouse. // Default: yes pincode_enabled: no
  6. Use delequip EQI_HEAD_MID; (head mid for example) What do you think?
  7. oh, didn't notice it. thanks for this information. But, is it possible to be unequip when the player enters the restricted map and cannot be equipped on the restricted map? Possible in src mod, but idont know how to change xD
  8. Its working fine, You can equip BUT the effect is not working or disabled. Official behavior settings.
  9. kyeme

    Cash Points

    In global_reg_value sql table #CASHPOINTS for @cash #KAFRAPOINTS for @points
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