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  1. its working fine noow . thaaaanks . what did you use to patch your client? i tried using nemo patcher but . always patch error. looks like nemo's dead.
  2. hmmm sino po nkakaalam kung pano isetup ung hosting sa ro? . may sarili po kaming host . parang company dn po. pero d po namin alam kung pano ung pagssetup sa ro.
  3. I want to request a Poring Race Event Script. it announces to all map every 2hours when it will gonna started . thanks in advance
  4. when logging it always say rejected from server , Please help me thanks heres the screenshot . someone help me please
  5. pwede mo po ba ipost ung download link ng New DATA Renewal?
  6. where and how can i check the file settings of the data.ini? sorry just new in making server
  7. How to translate this into English? i knw some of this kind topic was already solved but i cant find it. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE
  8. @asura : Ohh ok2. need to be the same user/pass ? its ok now. thanks A Lot Asura ^___^ [[PROBLEM SOLVED]]
  9. Having Problems in char server.sql . someone help me please? thanks
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