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  1. I'm looking for a good source/script i have many features that want to make, every hard work based on the price you give, i need someone who is good at source and scripting each job will be paid, for other details please pm me here,
  2. The source is no error but when i try to use it, Type: Armor / Usable / Etc / Charm its not working edit.. its working Earlier he Type: ETC and there i switched to Type: Charm but I didn't re @item again
  3. I'm looking to know how to make a live ragnarok marketplace. where the marketplace is accessible to the player's storage, buy or sell items he will go directly to the storage and the currency to be used is custom coin from metamask the concept is similar to axie
  4. https://rathena.org/board/topic/122307-how-to-install-fluxcp-with-screen-shot/
  5. maybe? 12218,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,{ progressbar "ffffff",1; sc_start SC_ASSUMPTIO,100000,5; skilleffect "HP_ASSUMPTIO",0; },{},{}
  6. show your login/char/map server when trying to connect,, or maybe check your system ports to allow it
  7. 1) if your question how to link your ip to your domain you need to edit your DNS in your domain manager and point your ip address, 2) if you are referring to the ip you will make domain with name, you need to register a domain first.. then do the #1
  8. Yes because you are using old rathena,, thats why no name_japanese try reexecute the latest rathena sql here https://github.com/rathena/rathena/tree/master/sql-files
  9. i think you are not using latest rathena version ok lets open your mysql/phpmyadmin and go to item_db's table and click the structure and drop the name_japanese
  10. execute your item_db_re.sql to your sql you may found your rathena sql at rathena/sql-files
  11. Your rAthena files is clean? or already have gepard patch in your rathena but your client.exe is not? check your conf /gepard_shield.conf disable your gepard gepard_shield_enabled: no
  12. thor patcher doesn't support SSL Certificate
  13. What error failed to communicate? or failed to get etc..
  14. https://www.nfoservers.com good for gaming
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