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  1. hello everyone, Is it feasible that a card restricted to use on a certain item? For example, in valkyrie armor [1] all armor cards are permitted, however only the tao gunka card is not allowed to compound.
  2. Does anybody have a gamabunta sprite just like in zeta RO
  3. sorry, but still not working :<. ps. i've already tried to @reloaditemdb
  4. how to determine my server trunk version?, im still using .txt ps. my trunk file is not latest
  5. Hello, we're attempting to put a delay on the yggdrasil berry, but the one we placed in item_delay.txt doesn't work, we've tried db/import and db/pre-re, and we've also attempted @reloaditemdb, but the delay still doesn't work. Do you have any ideas how to solve item_delay.txt? // Item Delay Database // // Structure of Database: // Item ID,Delay in Milliseconds // // NOTE: // There is a max concurrent number of entries set in src/map/itemdb.h as MAX_ITEMDELAYS. 607,1500,SC_REUSE_LIMIT_F //Yggdrasil_Berry
  6. I think it's looks like a neptune protector but it has a glass.
  7. sorry but i don't have a bigger image i just saw it on google
  8. as you see at the picture provided it's looks like a valkyrie visor, I think way back 2008? do you guys still had that file?
  9. good day masters can i request a gold room for my server? something like this when you die inside the gold room, 10% of your gold loot will dropped from your inventory ex. i have 100 gold in my inventory and someone killed me so 10% of my gold will dropped.
  10. how can i change delay of @refresh thanks in advance!
  11. Im also finding this topic here in rathena
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