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  1. Just perfect and i already solve those century's ago.. What i asked for was how to get OTHERS grf that contain other data sprite?
  2. Yes it is but the kro itself dont have those.I tried to search the answer but someone said it was from jRO grf..
  3. Hello and sorry for respawn again old thread.. But seem like i also have this after a few update from KRO.. Is the anyone have full file of this spr or act for these Custome beside this fluttering.. **Im already update the KRO but the problem was still there**
  4. Thx but it was not in map.hpp cuz there is no map.hpp only have map.cpp... Those can be found in map.h. Thx cuz pointing me out.
  5. For the WeaponMastery i have this error [Warning]: npc_event: player's event queue is full, can't add event 'PCSTATCALC::OnPCStatCalcEvent' ! What does it mean?..?
  6. is solved alrady.. it was because i make changes in iteminfo.lua and while it was saving it was did not save in default languange.. so i need to encoded all again and try it.. it works now.. thx bro
  7. Greetings guys.. Is there any one can help me to create or maybe share the script like above title said?..? Its more like custome script that can change item into item in bulk... Example: 10 jellopy into 1 oridecon and if the player have 100 jellopy so it automatically being exchange into 10 oridecon,instead to do it 1 by 1. Thx in advance.
  8. How to solve this error?..? And where can i get a help and of course with payment in order to solve this?..? ASAP
  9. I think you need to make it yourself sir. Just simply duplicate the npc that created by Euphy in HERE In that you also can make player test the item.. Have fun scripting.
  10. This is the perfect script *Changes* -Refix the colour showing from Green (Alive) Red (Dead). -Remove MVP name and map that did from quest. -Update the map of the mvp according to renewal. // https://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?&act=attach&type=post&id=5866 //===== eAthena Script ======================================= //= Super Convex Mirror //===== By: ================================================== //= Brian //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= eAthena SVN //===== Description: ========================================= //= Detects if every MVP is alive or dead. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=242050 //============================================================ geffen,140,173,5 script MVP Checker::convex 882,{ for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize( .mvp_name$ ); [email protected]++ ) { switch ([email protected]) { case 42: [email protected] = ( [email protected]_summon < 6 || mobcount( "thana_boss", "#Death::OnThanaDead" ) ); break; default: [email protected] = mobcount( .mvp_map$[[email protected]], "" ); break; } if ( .display_type == 2 ) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + ( ( [email protected] ) ? "^008000" : "^FF0000" ) + .mvp_name$[[email protected]] + "^000000 (" + .mvp_map$[[email protected]] + "):"; else if ( .display_type == 1 ) mes ( ( [email protected] ) ? "^FF0000" : "^008000" ) + .mvp_name$[[email protected]] + "^000000 (" + .mvp_map$[[email protected]] + ")"; } if ( .display_type == 1 ) close; [email protected] = select( [email protected]$ ) - 1; if (.warp_to_mvp == 1) warp .mvp_map$[[email protected]],0,0; else if(.warp_to_mvp == 2) { sleep2 1000; sc_start SC_BOSSMAPINFO,600000,0; } end; OnInit: // 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled, 2 = enabled + SC_BOSSMAPINFO .warp_to_mvp = 0; setarray .mvp_map$, "moc_pryd06","ra_fild03","ra_fild04","ve_fild01","ve_fild02", "lou_dun03","prt_maze03","abbey03", "gl_chyard","abyss_03","gef_dun02","gef_dun01","treasure02", "pay_fild10","gon_dun03","abbey02","xmas_fild01","ra_san05", "prt_sewb4","mosk_dun03","thor_v03","ama_dun03", "kh_dun02","ayo_dun02","niflheim","anthell02", "mjolnir_04","pay_dun04","gef_fild03","gef_fild10", "moc_pryd04","in_sphinx5","moc_fild17","ein_dun02","xmas_dun02", "beach_dun","thana_boss","tur_dun04","odin_tem03", "jupe_core","lhz_dun02"; setarray .mvp_name$, "AmonRa","Atroce","Atroce","Atroce","Atroce", "Bacsojin","Baphomet","Beelzebub", "DarkLord","Detale","Doppelganger","Dracula","Drake", "Eddga","EvilSnakeLord","FallenBishop","Garm","GloomUnderNight", "GoldenThiefBug","Gopinich","Ifrit","IncantationSamurai", "KielD01","LadyTanee","LordofDeath","Maya", "Mistress","MoonlightFlower","OrcHero","OrcLord", "Osiris","Pharaoh","Phreeoni","RSX0806","Stormy Knight", "TaoGunka","Thanatos","TurtleGeneral","ValkyrieRandgris", "Vesper","Ygnizem"; .display_type = 1; if( .warp_to_mvp > 0 ) .display_type = 2; end; } Thx to who helped in this topic. Topic may be closed cuz above script was update from eAthena into rAthena user.
  11. Sorry for the late reply.. i will try now.. Thx 4 your effort brother
  12. Ok guys. I will and try to fix those by recreating the table and for @Cyro why so serious about this? And it wont happen again. *Pstt* @Cyro read your pm about the service that you provide.
  13. Hello all rAthenarians. Kindly how to fix this error?..? Anyone?..? Thx anyway
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