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  1. thnx sir for ur responds, but i dont see it in there
  2. any body know where can i get bmp of tipbox ,. tip00110.bmp??? cause i have an error when i log in on game on texture/tipbox/ tip00110.bmp plssss
  3. hello sir/mam i just have problem with adding custom card,. i already edit the 3 files prefix post prefix and carditemnametble in client side and put it on the GRF working good but if i edit the num2cardillustnametable and put in on my grf and launch ragnarok exe 2018-06-21, its nothing shows up to the login windows ,after i click and run its just load and its nothing,. maybe the problem is when i edit num2cardillustnametable its happen, any body know how to solve thise? and even i delete what i edit in cardnum2table and put in grf again, its the same no longer my exe is run,. so i just replace my backup grf again,. any body plss help ?
  4. i just want the thanatos effect sir like this "[ATK * ( (Hard DEF + Soft DEF) /100)]" its like if u increase ur vit more higher the thanatos card user will increase also more damage to u in renewal thanatos card gives its not that higher damage even i get 500Vit if u play Dreamerro sir u can say how much dealt damage the thana user if the enemy have more vit
  5. i just wanna make my thanatos card effect like this sir and also the incantation samurai effect in low def , the more too low def the higher the damage recev from inca card. Defense is one of the most important status for most class's (beside some suicidal emos with Asura only, or SN's who die anyways) because it will make u get lower or higher damage from enemys. Higher? Yes, higher. If ur total defence is over "100" u will get the amount as percentage on bonus damage. The formula for thana/ice pick is this: "[ATK * ( (Hard DEF + Soft DEF) /100)]" This basically says that everything over Soft+Hard Def 100 increases the damage u get by a thana weapon by 1% per 1def. Soft+Hard Def at 120 would increase the damage from a thana weapon by exactly 20%. This is the reason people with high amount of vit kinda get raped from thana users. vit add's 1 Soft Def per point, making u go up to around 0+500 def without equip on with 500 vit for example. Putting that into the formula with for example 1.000 damage results in already 5.000 damage on you. In other words 5x damage. On the other hand making ur defense lower then 100, for example -10 Hard Def and +140 Soft Def would result in getting 10% more damage from non-thana sources and still 30% more damage from thana. For non thana the damage calculation is reducing 1% per Hard Def and 1 Flat Dmg per Soft Def. So 1000 damage with -10+140 (130) would do: "(1000 + 10%) - 140 = 960" without Thana "1000 + ((-10+140) / 100) = 1300" with Thana This is the point where u should realise making a weapon with 4 thana for the -def on a wizard for example isnt that clever. Manny people still think: "Hey, i just use thana and tao so i can go higher vit and thana stil doenst hurt me" and they are right with that, till a certain point. Lets calculate the damage again with 1.000 damage and -80+200 (120) Def: "(1000 + 80%) - 200 = 1.600" without Thana "1000 * ((-80+200) / 100) = 1200" with Thana U get more damage from both sources, thana and non-thana. The true point is that u can go higher vit without getting much more thana damage, but u get +80% (nearly 2x damage) from non-thana sources. People can switch to non-thana weapons, magic isnt affected by def and some skills even ignore def so that definitly wont make u live longer, even through u got 200 Vit. How is def calculated? Hard Def is calculated by the amount your equip gives u and the refine rate of it, even through the refine rate bonus is fixed and not affected by the base def the equip u refine gives. Every upgrade gives u 0,66 flat Hard Def. Means a +10 Armor gains +6 Def. Soft Def is calculated by the amount of Vit u got. 1 Vit gives 1 Flat Soft Def. Thats why u should keep ur vit low, but not too low. Some people try to hit 100 armor, lets just say it's possible this would be the calculation for example with a low amount of Soft Def and 98 Hard Def (98+20) with 1.000 Damage. "(1000 -98%) - 20 = 0" without Thana "1000 * ((98+20) / 100) = 1180" with Thana End of the story is that u got nearly zero damage from any non-thana source, but u got only 20vit and thana still hurts u for 118% of the original damage. Also skills like "Asura" and "Sacrifice" ignore defense and deal 100% damage too u, not even talking about the magic damage u will get. Magical defense is actually about the same beside the fact that there isnt a thana card for magic defense. Every 1 Hard MDef reduces magical damage by 1% and every Soft MDef reduces the damage by 1 flat. For example with 50+250 MDef and 1.000 Damage the formula would be like this: "(Damage - 1% * HardMDef) - SoftMDef" - Basic formula. "(1.000 - 50%) - 250 = 250" with values. This said a good defense would be around 20+80 for example. The calculation: "(1000 - 20%) - 80 = 720" without Thana. "1000 * ((20+80) / 100) = 1000" with Thana. Thana still seams high with 1.0x Damage since it doesnt get reduced, right? Wrong. Think about it this way: U got a 4 slotted weapon with TG/TG/Hydra/Hydra for 1,96x damage (more about this later). This would make non-thana damage increase by 96% so 1.000 damage would get to 1.960. If the enemys uses a thana card now (because if u check the calculation on top it does more) he would be best off with Thana/TG/TG/Hydra resulting in: "((HardDef+SoftDef) / 100) + (1,4 * 1,2)" Basically thats 168% from TG/TG/Hydra and the amount of percent that thana gives based on ur defense. But now check the calculation on top of this again. Thana increases his damage by zero compared to the start damage, but on the other side he looses 28% damage cause he drops one TG for the Thana. Lets calculate this again with that in the head and a higher damage value to see the difference better. Lets say 200.000 damage. "((200.000 - 20%) - 80) * 1.96 = 313.443(,2)" with TG/TG/Hydra/Hydra "(200.000 * ((20+80) / 100)) * 1,68 = 336.000" with Thana/TG/TG/Hydra U can see, both damage values got only a small difference even through Thana did more then 1/4 more damage in the last calculation. The true point is that this will make u get a bit more damage from fast hits with low damage but the difference from higher damage sources like 3rd job skills, or skills like Bowling Bash and other is small. How Assumption works? This is pretty much easy to calculate, the formula changes to: ((Damage -/+ %Hard/Soft Def) * Card Factor) / 2. Means any damage from Thana, cards like Hydra or other sources get halfed. Some skills like "Asura" and "Sacrifice" will completly ignore your defense (means Thana wont work for them too!) but they dont ignore Assumption.
  6. hello sir good day, i wanna know how to modify the thanatos card effect like when the base vit getting bigger or like the vit def increase the thanatos card getting more damage and more once vit too high, ill say 50vit of player is a non thanable player, ,. also in incantation samurai card the lowest the vit def the higher the damage he gets ,. 50vit also the balance of the base vit for it,. like DRO any body how to do it ? plsss helpp!
  7. what i did is just having a custom NPC to sell stats points,. because no body know how to do that nobody can answer
  8. hello sir good day, i wanna know how to modify the thanatos card effect like when the base vit getting biger or like the vit def the thanatos card getting more damage and more once vit too high, ill say 50vit of player is a non thanable player, ,. also in incantation samurai card the lowest the vit def the higher the damage he gets ,. 50vit also the balance of the base vit for it,. like DRO any body how to do it ?
  9. thnk u sir for reply, i dont understand about it sir i look on it already, 100 percent means 200vit so how can i make more or what should i do to make no more vit affect status effect, iwant only equipments and cards can make immune or resist on status effect
  10. hello good day all, any body know how to how to disable the immune status effect when eve 500VIT like i said if somebody has 500vit he has immune to all status effect, i want to disable that and only items cards can immune status effect nor the vit so evenhe have 500vit or more still not immune to all status effect
  11. hello sir can u show me how to make new zone and restriced and how to activate it all ? thank u sir for reply
  12. sir and maam,. good day,. any body can help how can i disable some skill on my custom map?what folder or files all should i edit?,
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