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  1. i cant find whhere it is sir? i search also EF_ but nothings popup
  2. thank u sir for reply, i jut confuse of this numbers ",100,3000,"SU_TUNAPARTY" // that means 10percent chance right ? is there any way to remove the chance so it will work as what item info said? specialeffect2 EF_ENHANCE // and where did u get this EF_ENHANCE sir how do can i define specialeffect?? sorry for lazy question sir but i want to know more :) thnk u sir very much
  3. can i ask 1 more sir? how about this how to script this ??? last 1 sir If its refine level is 10 or above, Perfect Dodge +100 for 3 sec when using [Tuna Party].
  4. thank u sir very muchhhh, im sorry im not good in programming im just trying to develop my own server offline sir, thank sir alot
  5. hello every one ,im sorry i dont know where should i post this topic if im wrong please transfer me to the right page, is any body can help me how to script this item info in item db? DEF +50 per every refine level.??? Heal Amount +20% per every [Purring] level.?? If player learned [Spirit of Sea] 1Lv, [Pneuma] 1Lv available?? just that 3 item info ,help plss how to put that into item DB?
  6. hello any body can help me , i have question how to change that display image of storage when open??? can anybody which file i go to replace?
  7. thnk u so muchh for reply,i try that but its difficult to understand how to edit to become a moneybag to pay the equip and also how to edit the items that inside ,cause i want to make npc for custom items selling using money bags
  8. Hello any body, any body can help me how to make NPC for custom items using moneybags, i just like pay money bag instead of zeny and ,1billion zeny money bag,500mzeny moneybag to pay like that ?any body can help plssss????
  9. is this the refine +8 and above sir?
  10. how about this one sir how to put in item_db if refine +8 and above increase damage to demihuman monster by 8%
  11. sir thank u for your reply, really appreciated, may i ask question more sir what is the meaning of 100? this number *20/100 <== this number sir 100 whats that means ?
  12. hello any body i dont know if im in right room to discuss this problem if not ppls transfer me, please help me how to put bonus on this in my item_db?? Increase All Stats by 20% any body help plsss
  13. hi thnx for reply :) im sorry but i dont see where i put the sprites details which file i edit ? can u please teach me every single details on how ? i just want to make a fortune chest that has 700 random item inside
  14. hello everyone ! can i ask help from u guys? how to make my own gift box or like a treasure box using my own box sprite? where can i put sprites and which files to edit? im planning to make a box that has a lot of custom item inside including set of headgears and deffirent headgears?? any body can help me plssS? m using rathena 2019
  15. to make the normal headgear sir to become costume headgear ,no effect when become costume remove the effects of the headgear and also the slot, top,mid,low im using rathena server sir renewal , thank u sir for reply this is all i should do sir to have what i want ??? thnk u sir very much, sooo i only need to do sir is go to that files and change the lines ??
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