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  1. Maps in Arena format "The Sacred Blood" (O sangue Sacro) Hii Guys, New maps in arena format, no obstacle in the arena, focused strictly on pvp (beating vs beating) ... This is the right map for you to decide who is the grandmaster in the best x1 style. Sacred or Blood? "Choose your side, release your essence, and come to the fight!"
  2. Tio Akima

    tortoise svn checkout

    I follow with my doubt, if someone knows and can help, I thank
  3. Tio Akima

    tortoise svn checkout

    Sorry for my ignorance, but how would that solve my question posted upstairs?
  4. Tio Akima

    tortoise svn checkout

    Hi guys Does anyone know the link to download rA with tortoise svn checkout? I do not want to use git ... I tried the link: https://github.com/rathena/rathena https://github.com/rathena/rathena.git but it downloads all other folders in the repository. I also tried using: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/trunk but it downloads an old emulator about 3 years ago ... I wanted to download only the MASTER folder. I tried that way too: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/tree/master but it did not work
  5. Tio Akima

    [Showcase] Summoner's Rift

    Thanks for comment Kasumy (Obrigado Kasumy )
  6. Tio Akima

    [Showcase] Summoner's Rift

    Oh .. I'm grateful for your comment. I'm a big fan of your work. thank you.
  7. Summoner's Rift in Ragnarok Online (map created by Tio Akima) Hi Guys, I'm passing to expose my new map (recently completed) to RO! This is a map inspired by summoner's rift (map of the game of League of Legends). The design follows the same pattern, but with the poetic freedom (or poetic limitation ?!) available within RO! I will post some pictures here of the map and a video to be able to see better. It is! Att, Tio Akima. ScreenShots: more: Green Base: Red Base: Video:
  8. Tio Akima

    rsm to 3ds - converting

    hi guys what is the best method to convert an rsm model to 3ds? I saw the Olrox video, but the video is very old. thanks
  9. Tio Akima

    function return player ID

    But if I call the skill using mob data, the skill damage will not be based on the player's build .. or am I mistaken? If so, it will not do me any good.
  10. Tio Akima

    function return player ID

    oh .. how sad ... so I guess my problem has no solution Secret What I'm trying to do is this. See if you can help me: In skill.c I did an area skill. This skill summon a mob. I sumono a mob and make him walk (I shoot this mob in one direction) with unit-> walktoxy (); That is, because of the unit-> walktoxy (), this mob will go through the functions: unit-> walktoxy (); unit-> walktoxy_sub (); unit-> walktoxy_timer (); right? When this mob dies (or stops walking) I want to call a skill ... skill Lord of Vermilion (WZ_VERMILION) The function that defines whether the mob has stopped walking is unit-> walktoxy_timer (); So, I need to call the skill (WZ_VERMILION) inside the function unit-> walktoxy_timer (); But for this skill to work, I need the data from the player. The information that arrives to unit-> walktoxy_timer (); are data from the MOB that walked and stopped ... The skill (WZ_VERMILION) will only work, if I call it with player data. This is a way of doing a skillshot ... Throwing the mob in one direction, and when it hits an enemy, an area skill is invoked. It sounds complicated, but it's a simple logic up to it. If you can help me, I'll be very grateful. <3
  11. Tio Akima

    function return player ID

    Hi guys, in map.c I want to create a basic function a function that returns the player ID, without parameters only with return ID from the player. If anyone knows Something like this: int map_get_id() { struct map_session_data* sd; sd = map->id2sd(?); return sd->bl.id; } OBS: It does not have to be exactly in map.c but must be a function that returns the player ID Can someone help me?
  12. Tio Akima

    Item two-handed sword (all class)

    Hello, I added a two-handed sword and put it for all classes to use. However, ASPD falls to zero when equipping the sword. Only the swordman class and superiors who use normal. Why does it happen..? In what part of the SRC is the class weapons defined? I want to release the use of two-handed swords for everyone without this ASPD error a second doubt: What is the best ID to add custom item? From which id? (which does not conflict with other items)
  13. Tio Akima

    RoBrowser Revival

    Have you tried this link? maybe it will help. https://www.robrowser.com/getting-started
  14. Tio Akima

    [MAP] shadow produced by the walls

    Yes, thanks for the tip .. it worked perfectly. #Solved
  15. Hello guys I have a doubt in the production of maps .. Doubts related to the shadow produced by the walls. Where walls are placed, it creates an unpleasant shadow. I would like to remove that shadow or soften it. I'm trying to apply various lights (and also ambient light) but it's not working. Does anyone know how to solve it?