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  1. hi guys How can I prevent the player from using two (or more) equal cards in the same item? I've tried isequippedcnt, but it does not work. Maybe it is better (easier) to put this condition in source. Has anyone tried something like this, and can you point the way?
  2. Anyone know how to set height of @clouds?
  3. I have a question about modeling Custom model. Can an object of a custom model have more than one mapped texture? I mean, can I apply Multi/Sub-Object to an object? When I convert from 3ds to rsm, the Brow does not accept the Multi/Sub-Object, so there are several bugs in the texture. I can only convert without bugs, when an object has a unique texture .. Unique texture per object. I believe there is a loss of configuration during the conversion of the 3DS to RSW model.. I do not know .. Or perhaps Brow himself does not accept this mapping, Some settings appear to be advanced for the Brow, such as the 3dmax particle system. I wish I could use Multi / Sub-Object to make more complex models.
  4. thanks hahahaa yes, I agree, it would be nice to change the interface too. oh yeess... really... the colors and the scaling of size really makes you feel submersed in the environment. I like filled maps, with few empty spaces .... It gets cozy. The color palette at the same temperature ....
  5. Bonjour! I finished another map of the Gaia Series, totally customized, and with that touch of fantasy. The Enchanted Village! The idea of this map is to be the main city of the Gaia project, an idealized instance created by TioAkima, where there will be PVP, dungeons, fiefdoms, items, NPCs, Mobs, VIP Room, etc ... All this theme. (Below are some prints and video of the Map) One more touch of fantasy of TioAkima ... VIDEO SHOWING THE MAP MORE DETAIL LOOK THE MOVIE! Leets'rooock For those who have not seen yet, the PVP with the same theme, Look the video! LOOK THE MOVIE! GO! Leets'plaaaaaaaay guys This is GAIA PVP End! Thanks
  6. Maps in Arena format "The Sacred Blood" (O sangue Sacro) Hii Guys, New maps in arena format, no obstacle in the arena, focused strictly on pvp (beating vs beating) ... This is the right map for you to decide who is the grandmaster in the best x1 style. Sacred or Blood? "Choose your side, release your essence, and come to the fight!"
  7. I follow with my doubt, if someone knows and can help, I thank
  8. Sorry for my ignorance, but how would that solve my question posted upstairs?
  9. Hi guys Does anyone know the link to download rA with tortoise svn checkout? I do not want to use git ... I tried the link: https://github.com/rathena/rathena https://github.com/rathena/rathena.git but it downloads all other folders in the repository. I also tried using: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/trunk but it downloads an old emulator about 3 years ago ... I wanted to download only the MASTER folder. I tried that way too: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/tree/master but it did not work
  10. Thanks for comment Kasumy (Obrigado Kasumy )
  11. Oh .. I'm grateful for your comment. I'm a big fan of your work. thank you.
  12. Summoner's Rift in Ragnarok Online (map created by Tio Akima) Hi Guys, I'm passing to expose my new map (recently completed) to RO! This is a map inspired by summoner's rift (map of the game of League of Legends). The design follows the same pattern, but with the poetic freedom (or poetic limitation ?!) available within RO! I will post some pictures here of the map and a video to be able to see better. It is! Att, Tio Akima. ScreenShots: more: Green Base: Red Base: Video:
  13. hi guys what is the best method to convert an rsm model to 3ds? I saw the Olrox video, but the video is very old. thanks
  14. But if I call the skill using mob data, the skill damage will not be based on the player's build .. or am I mistaken? If so, it will not do me any good.