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  1. It's my expectation that both projects can work independently, while contributing some commits towards each other and pursuing their own paths to excellence. It will take some work to build a workflow that allows pushing and pulling changes from one emulator development to another, but once the process is established, much work will be able to be shared across *athena projects.
  2. Trojal


    If @unittalk is the behavior we would want to have with @playertalk, I'd rather stick with @unittalk since it captures the same logic.
  3. Trojal


    I like @clearstorage and @cleargstorage. What about @clearcart, based on the same logic that it's time consuming to move items over ? @itemreset is the existing one to clear inventory. Would it make sense to create an alias along the same lines as @clearinventory or not ? (or @storagereset, @gstoragereset, @cartreset)
  4. Perhaps it has already been completely finalized, but if there is a possibility of someone supporting the cost of the irc server, would it be an option to maintain its use ? If it's possible, I'd like the name of someone I could contact privately regarding the idea.
  5. It will break diffs either way if we switch to spaces or tabs -- that is, if we change existing code just because we think it "looks better" -- the style discussed here really must only apply to new code, not blindly applied to existing code. Can we in the meantime revert Greenbox's commit where he changed the leading whitespace of thousands of lines ?
  6. An unsafe action to generally take is to convert spaces to tabs or vice-versa in the entire repository. The biggest problem this causes is that history is lost from before and after this change. I would highly advise against changing the formatting of large blocks of code in the current repository so as not to break diffs and lose history for those sections of code. For example, if I went and changed every indendation of every file in the repository from spaces/tabs to non-breaking spaces (hypothetically), any diffs that I had would no longer work with the updated repository files. I don't know about SVN, but when we are using git, a developer can create filters that are executed when 1. adding files to the repository or 2. checking out files from the repository at which point one can convert from spaces to tabs or vice-versa (http://git-scm.com/b...yword-Expansion). I would recommend that a standard be decided, and that new code must either follow the standard or follow the style of the file that the code is being added to, if it differs consistently from the proposed standard.
  7. @mountall @mount2 @commonmount @mountcommon @rentalmount @mountrental maybe.
  8. For a machine, the 4 byte ip address as an integer is [always?] more useful than the dotted quad string representation... since you can easily apply masks to the bytes which are used [all the time] to search similar IPs or IP spaces. MySQL has a function to convert from integer to dotted quad if you need it, too. Also, strings take up so many more bytes and their internals are just ugly in C. I'm saying this because I see ip2str (which I assume converts the integer to a dotted quad representation, but I didn't really look it up).
  9. What about a data structure with a link from every item_id in a combo to the combo struct information, then check for the presence of that combo? combo_db: ... 14: 4001, 4002, 4003, 4004. ... find equipment at slot 3: 4003. Look at combo 14. Look for equipment 4001, 4002, 4003, 4004. If found, enable combo 14. Also, this algorithm can be improved, but as a basis it's much faster than looping over all of them.
  10. Trojal


    GorgonCP (Cross-posted at ratemyserver.net: http://forum.ratemyserver.net/ro-graphic-coding-media/gorgoncp/) What is this? Yet another Control Panel project. I am dissatisfied with existing Control Panels for various reasons. I think I can do better, and hence Gorgon was born. This project is a modern framework with modular design, such that all components should be able to work independently of each other. This allows for an easily extendable framework at the same time. Who am I? I'm Trojal (from UnityRO, TempestRO, uv-RO). I've been coding around *athena for about 6 years now, though usually not on the main engine because my code changes are customizations rather than on the official development track. When will this come out? I'm going to do a 2-3 week code sprint on this, and evaluate the state of the project mid-June 2012. If there are major snags, then the project will probably be dropped. If things are going smoothly, then I can release it publicly at that time. What is this post? I'm posting to ask for suggestions and specifications as to what you (as players or server administrators) would like to see in a control panel. What features are missing from other control panels, and what features are just the basics from other control panels that you find necessary? If you'd like to help, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] saying so. I'd love to find someone to make HTML pages or PSDs to style the CP.
  11. When you making your server, mister!?

  12. Most likely because they're individual files. Compress them, transfer them, and uncompress them if you want it to be faster. Most file transfer programs will open the file for transfer, transfer the file, and close the file before moving on to the next one. They should compress well, too, as many files are similar if not exact duplicates of each other. If you're only talking about the patcher, most patchers probably do the same thing -- check one file at a time. I don't know the details of more advanced patchers that would be smarter to handle something like this (with file hashes or something).
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