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  1. I've got that error message too before, but after i put the sclientinfo.xml into my data folder, it works normally
  2. Try this sclientinfo.xml put in your data folder sclientinfo.xml
  3. Just his imagination, don't take it so seriously
  4. Hi @hendra814, Do you mind to check your gmail chat? Thanks.
  5. Yes, exactly same, i'm not change anything start_point: iz_int,18,26:iz_int01,18,26:iz_int02,18,26:iz_int03,18,26:iz_int04,18,26 Dunno why, or perhaps maps issue?
  6. @Quesooo, If like that, do you mind to share the coordinate? so i can edit in char_athena.conf for novice spawn point
  7. Hi @Quesooo, already tried the map_cache.dat move into db/re/map_cache.dat and running map_cache.exe. still the same problem or you have another method using file you provided? Thanks.
  8. Hi Y'all, Recently just updated rathena to the latest and bring new update intro to novice, i get stuck in first map ( can't move into warp point ). Does anyone experience same problem with me? Attached screenshot for reference. Need help, Thanks in advance.
  9. Dear Friends, as subject above, when updating through svn it shows warning " skipped obstruction working copy"..any solution how to solve this issue? attached the screenshot of it. Thanks in advance.
  10. You can use GRF.BUILDER program to extract the alternate third jobs.grf and your old grf, and merge those into your new grf using new command in program
  11. Here try my script for FAW Enchantment. It should work on your server. Enchant_FAW.txt
  12. Already done that buddy, still not working. FYI my Rathena is updated and using Rytech's client 20170614 Anyone? Bump!
  13. Yeah and i'm using 2017 client
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