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    I do love ragnarok since grades school and i love creating custom scripts and systems but one thing i do need to understand is how to deconstruct RO Client for custom purposes :)

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  1. hakuren

    rsw to gr2

    hi is there possible to convert rsw to gr2 or someone have gr2 of trainingwood_s_01.rsm use this for my training ground as a monster thank you in advance
  2. i think thats hardcoded in the client side try to create another function and split the wav file, put condition to stop the script
  3. Hi @Smoker thanks for the reply could you make an example?
  4. Hi rAthena, Is there a way to ignore duplicates in 2 different array without removing it to the array it should return like : 20, 22, 23, 24 Please help me Thank you in advance
  5. you may try this this will send soundeffect to all the player of your server the secret is addrid command
  6. try this or you can create custom function and call it on your item but the problem if you change the karmapoints
  7. Hi there, you can use this to achieve your condition it works like what you want
  8. yeah i think so hope someone will help me
  9. Hi rAthena, can you help me convert this https://github.com/brAthena/brAthena/commit/51dd5f2cc2fa9967cc65e681d71038ef34e6cd6c to rathena source i already tried to convert it but when i run the server and login with my character the console says data size mismatch 6400 != 6400 please help me thank you in advance i really need this to my custom script. have a good day
  10. Try to use sd->status.char_id
  11. thank you for the information @Ai4rei and sorry for bothering you i think i need to study more to this thank you so much
  12. Hi @Ai4rei that really really works fine thank you so much i have a question what program do you use to capture those hex? or is there any tutorial that i can start of in learning this? thank you in advance
  13. Hi @Ai4rei that really really works fine thank you so much
  14. hi @Ai4rei sorry for late reply.. i'm currently using this : 2015-11-04aRagexe.exe client 2015-11-04aRagexe.rar
  15. oh now i get it changing min and max will do the work this my help others and thanks @sader1992 for pointing out