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    I do love ragnarok since grades school and i love creating custom scripts and systems but one thing i do need to understand is how to deconstruct RO Client for custom purposes :)

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  1. Thank you for answering
  2. no... this command i just trying to know if its possible to make change of the color
  3. Hi rAthena is there a way to change showscript color like 0xFF0000=Red. Thank you in advance
  4. PROBLEM SOLVE : the shield ID should in the range of client default or else it will recognize as weapon
  5. hi @Akbare thank you for your reply can you give me a example cuz i just want to mimic the buckler view id itself so i need to duplicate the buckler sprite and put it example Merchant Shield : ¸»óÀÎ?
  6. Hi Rathena i have a problem creating new shield even i use the buckler view id it doesn't show in my character here what i did item_db (Server Side) itemInfo (Client Side) after i add those still no view in my character is someone can help me with this? Thank you in advance
  7. Thank you for the reply i already found answer with this i just created new function that tricks the packet that only sending the hateffect on self by using "clif_send" to SELF and hateffect send by SELF , AREA , TARGET Thank you by the way
  8. Hi rAthena, I'm requesting or can someone enlighten me how to ignore item inside the favorite tab from the total number of items in the inventory. Thank you in advance
  9. Hi rathena, is there a way that hateffect can only see by self not in the area thank you in advance to those can help me with this
  10. Hi rathena, Question : is there a way to show 1st 2nd 3rd skill tab in the skill tree even your novice, 1st job and 2nd job?
  11. yea i did that but still when you click it in emotion icon list(alt+L), in the chat box still ./no1 not /like Untitled.mp4
  12. i already did that but still i cant find ./no1 to change /like
  13. hi is there a way to change emotion chat in the emotion icon list example ./no1 -> /like
  14. hakuren

    Aura problem

    what client year are you using
  15. thank you @Capuche it works! this can be help with my custom script thank you so much and thank you also @Akkarin
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