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  1. Helped me setup a proxy server, very happy with the work hes done
  2. I tested it and it did not work. What SVN have you tried and tested on?
  3. if( target->type == BL_PC && ((TBL_PC *)target)->status.pet_id > 0 && ((TBL_PC *)target)->pd && battle_config.pet_damage_support ) pet_target_check(((TBL_PC *)target),src,1); if( target->type == BL_MOB && sd && sd->status.pet_id > 0 && sd->pd && battle_config.pet_damage_support ) pet_target_check(sd,target,0); While compiling, I see these errors: unit.c(1920): warning C4133: 'function': incompatible types - from 'TBL_PC *' to 'pet_data *' unit.c(1922): warning C4133: 'function': incompatible types - from 'map_session_data *' to 'pet_data *' While it finishes compiling and the server can start. Upon pet support where it attacks mobs, map server crashes.
  4. Then what you could do is make your own grf first, using unencrypted files. Then edit the data.ini file to read your GRF first.
  5. Anyone know if it is possible to re-enable the old resistance system where if a player had over 100% resistance to an element, it would heal them for the excess amount. As of right now, the skills would "miss players" and items like Evil Druid Card would make other players do 1 damage on a resistance of -25 as shown on the property chart.
  6. It means the GRF is protected by a password. You cannot access any of that information without a password
  7. if(gettimetick(2) - mvpdelay < 86400) { dispbottom "The cooldown is 24 hours per character."; end; } set mvpdelay,gettimetick(2);
  8. Aw. You were cute.

  9. This is a script error with the WoE, and if you are using an old WoE controller, this usually happens. Stick with the one that came with the svn
  10. If you use GDB for debugging it tells you what code went wrong and errored you
  11. http://rathena.org/wiki/Menus Use a menu feature
  12. So change the sign of set zeny to a negative sign, and instead of delitem, its getitem
  13. To clarify, you have the SQL tables in your database? Tables should be woerank and woeplayerrank
  14. Do you have a console debug of the error?
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