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  1. Nabbing one for myself, not even caring its a large and not a medium. NEAT.
  2. Any way you could do some recolors for the following? + Mage Hat (I know there's official recolors but its missing a lot of options) + Wizard Hat + Glasses + Mini Glasses + Elven ears (darker skin colors?) I've always loved/stalked your work and was saddened to see your website was down for so long. If you're ever looking for hosting, I'm happy to lend some of my bandwidth to you.
  3. Make sure the last entries on accessoryid.lua and accname.lua do not have a comma before changing them into lubs.
  4. Realized I was adding in a mess of custom headgears for my own server and didn't want to sit and write out these all myself since it'd literally take HOURS. This tool will take whats in a folder and create the proper accName & accessoryID given that you tell it where to find the files and where to start the view # at. This is my suggested workflow: set up folders for your custom headgears just as they should be in your data folder for the folder choice on this program, choose either the collection or item folder figure out what number you need to start out in your accessoryID lua/lub ???? profit This is of course, assuming all these custom headgears are titled what you'd like them to be named in your accessoryID/accName file. This program was written in vb.net and should theoretically run on any recent windows machine. It was written rather quickly, so expect there to be errors if you don't do as told through instructions! I will take suggestions on improving it, but since it's done what I need it to do it will be very unlikely that I will update this. Might add a quick iteminfo box as well just for my own sanity, not sure if anyone else will want/need it, though! getFileNamesCreateSomeThings.rar
  5. Tande


    Another known bug I'd really like to see worked out is the extend chat box diff. It doesn't work at all. You'll see the extended amount on the talker's client, but if you are on a separate client (anyone receiving the message), it will be cut off at 70.
  6. Tande


    Yeah, honestly don't think that many people have more than 100 hairstyles, but I know of two people including me. Should probably change the patch 64k+ hairstyles to 99 then, since it doesn't really support it at all!
  7. Tande

    Packet Issue

    Did you guys make sure to compile after changing this? Also why are you updating GIT without creating a backup beforehand?
  8. Tande


    Is the general error I'm talking about. A whole lot of that. Sometimes it works with 100-103 and a hair palette applied, most of the time it doesn't. If I don't have the ignore palette hex checked, it'll throw the same error seen above when logging onto the map server if it lets me onto the char select screen.
  9. How was this solved? Literally having the same error as you. Saw the same post in Hercules, long shot if you're still here ;(
  10. Tande


    Since it seems like you're more active, I decided to fiddle with NEMO. Nifty little tool, but I keep getting the same client issues as I did previously. I assume you're using just about the same hex patches as xdiff. Anyway, the problem I am having is every hairstyle 100 and above will cause the client to crash if it happens to be using a palette. With certain conditions, I can sometimes get it to work to about hairstyle 101 or so, but anything beyond that makes the client freeze and error out with no error message. Any idea on how to fix this?
  11. One last bump before I say f it and just disable palettes on female hairstyles 100 and up. Btw: the male hairstyles only work when sharing palettes. If you don't, it'll throw an error about missing some kind of crazy file with a gigantic space in the middle of it. This of course, is with a 2013 client. Last update: Seems I can get it working intermittently, almost randomly, so long as I practically hammer the client until it works. Keeps erroring out randomly, but won't say why or how or whatever. So it works sometimes. Most of the time it doesn't.
  12. Went trying to fiddle with it. Here's what I got: Fiddling around with hexing, I kept on the 64k hairstyle option (since its a necessity for any large # of hairstyles, after all), and tried taking off some options. After deselecting 'ignore palette options', it started letting me change palettes with hairstyles 100+ but only on a MALE account. Changing to a female account would give me a sprite error upon logging on. Starting with a hairstyle above 100 but with no palette was just fine but as soon as a changed palette it'd throw an error. Continued to fiddle, thinking I could maybe share the palettes using Shared Head Palettes and that is giving me the same issue: despite it now sharing the palettes for all hairstyles, it allows me to use them on male yet error out on female, same ol' windows freeze and non-descript error. If it also helps, as I was fiddling with the shared head palettes, if I hadn't the proper palettes in the proper place, it'd throw an error, but only when trying to log/change on a male account. A female would just throw the generic windows freezing error. A little at the end of my rope with this issue since its put a stall on my development. Is there anyone who can help me, or is this a lost cause? As for others who have a 2013+ client, would it be so hard to see if palettes on hairstyles over 100 work? Guess what, just spent the last ten minutes setting up a client just to test this and no, this issue is not fixed on 2013 clients. So anyone with 100+ hairstyles is theoretically going to have this issue.
  13. Sorry to bamp this, but is there a 2013 client that doesn't have this issue? Or even one that allows for that many hairstyles? It's either that or fix this, which seems like no one knows how.
  14. Tande


    Having issues with a 2012-04-10 client and the enable64khairstyles patch. As soon as I hit 100 on hairstyles, it starts wigging out on me when I use palettes (locks client, force exit, no error window).