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  1. Explain better... During the Emperium War can everyone access the GP? I saw that you are Brazilian, if you want you can send me pm to explain me better. Unfortunately if we speak in Portuguese here in the topic we take warn.
  2. Wait to be answered, do not double post. Test my script: verif_guild_point.txt. I haven't tested it, but I believe it works.
  3. wtf { Id: 32353 AegisName: "ADM" Name: "Administrador Hat" Type: "IT_ARMOR" Buy: 20 Weight: 200 Def: 3 Loc: 256 ViewSprite: 1882 Script: <" bonus bAllStats,50; bonus bMdef,99; bonus bShortWeaponDamageReturn,100; bonus2 bSubRace,RC_DemiHuman,95; bonus2 bSubRace,RC_Player,95; skill "CR_FULLPROTECTION",5; skill "AC_CONCENTRATION",10; skill "ASC_EDP",5; skill "HW_MAGICPOWER",10; skill "ECL_SNOWFLIP",1; skill "ECL_PEONYMAMY",1; skill "ECL_SADAGUI",1; skill "ECL_SEQUOIADUST",1; bonus bMaxHPrate,200; bonus bDelayrate,-20; bonus bSpeedRate,25; sc_start4 SC_ENDURE,60000,10,0,0,1; sc_end SC_ENDURE; "> }, This item_db structure is not from rAthena, obviously it won't work! The item structure is as follows: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rathena/rathena/master/db/re/item_db.txt Oficial item_db.txt dor rAthena: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/re/item_db.txt
  4. When using the translator, when pasting use this forum function: Explain your problem better, nobody here has a crystal ball.
  5. 20344,C_Happy_Balloon_J,Costume: Happy Balloon,4,0,,0,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,4096,,1,0,1289,{ bonus2 bDropAddRace,RC_All,10; bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,5; },{},{}
  6. Acredito que o .yml tenha alguma ligação com os novos sistemas que usam interface, tipo refinamento ui. Não vou te dar certeza, porque eu também tenho essa dúvida, mas até agora eu percebi que faz sentido... Você não vai consegui usar usar esse software para alguns sistemas pois ele é muito desatualizado. Recomendo que você faça as alterações na mão mesmo.
  7. test this script item_free.txt The system will deliver to all newly created accounts. It is possible to make a better script using gepard to set by unique_id.
  8. download: data_sprite_rb.rar
  9. I think it should be possible to make a "gambiarra" with the auction system. It's just a theory, I have no idea how to create.
  10. It is necessary to install athena-web-service to work. But I think you need authorization from the secretdataz to use it. I don't know any more details about that. The people who managed to make it work don't want to teach us. I'm also interested. Hopefully the elite of rAthena teaches us lol
  11. I had already asked for help on this. I managed another solution to this problem by scripting. Unfortunately I always take warn when I speak of a paid service here. I will make it available at "rAthena Store" lol If you have any questions send me a message on discord.
  12. I have it here, but it's in my language (Brazil). Translate if you are from another country. Script: Sex_Exchange_PTB.txt
  13. Watch this tutorial https://youtu.be/COtGtH7sPy4?t=67
  14. I believe you will have problems with other skills, example: Auto guard and parry on Orc Lord will still reflect.. Thanks for alerting @Haruka Mayumi I believe that the development team will soon find a better and definitive solution.
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