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  1. I found the solution ... There is no more skill_require_db.txt. It is now configurable in groups.conf You must use the field: skill unconditional in the permissions. Change to true if you want to remove the restrictions.
  2. Before the skill and item requirements were in: skill_require_db.txt Exemple: Skill_db.yml has only item / hp or sp requirements. Where are the skill requirements?
  3. Did anyone read what I asked?
  4. Hey guys ... I just noticed a big change in the rAthena database... I went to look for the file: skill_require_db.txt where is it? I looked in the emulator folders, and found this link, from: csv2yaml.cpp // Skill database data to memory static void skill_txt_data(const std::string& modePath, const std::string& fixedPath) { skill_require.clear(); skill_cast.clear(); skill_castnodex.clear(); skill_unit.clear(); skill_copyable.clear(); skill_nearnpc.clear(); if (fileExists(modePath + "/skill_require_db.txt")) sv_readdb(modePath.c_str(), "skill_require_db.txt", ',', 34, 34, -1, skill_parse_row_requiredb, false); if (fileExists(modePath + "/skill_cast_db.txt")) sv_readdb(modePath.c_str(), "skill_cast_db.txt", ',', 7, 8, -1, skill_parse_row_castdb, false); if (fileExists(modePath + "/skill_castnodex_db.txt")) sv_readdb(modePath.c_str(), "skill_castnodex_db.txt", ',', 2, 3, -1, skill_parse_row_castnodexdb, false); if (fileExists(modePath + "/skill_unit_db.txt")) sv_readdb(modePath.c_str(), "skill_unit_db.txt", ',', 8, 8, -1, skill_parse_row_unitdb, false); if (fileExists(fixedPath + "/skill_copyable_db.txt")) sv_readdb(fixedPath.c_str(), "skill_copyable_db.txt", ',', 2, 4, -1, skill_parse_row_copyabledb, false); if (fileExists(fixedPath + "/skill_nonearnpc_db.txt")) sv_readdb(fixedPath.c_str(), "skill_nonearnpc_db.txt", ',', 2, 3, -1, skill_parse_row_nonearnpcrangedb, false); } None of the files listed there exist anymore. Some configurations are included in the new skill_db.yml, but what about the others? How can I change the skill requirements now?
  5. it is necessary to add the kafra frame to all movement sprites as well. Repeat adding the text for all movements.
  6. Were you able to correct the problem of adding an emblem to the guild?
  7. Install this dif: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/2494/files
  8. of course First you must have the program: GRF Editor Open your GRF and add the folder I passed you into it, merge it. After performing the merge, you must save your grf, and you're done! Attention: You will only be able to merge like this, because I have separated the folders in the directories correctly. Not all members separate files correctly for support.
  9. These are the texture files for the refinement system. data.rar
  10. Give an example of the aura you are talking about...
  11. Utilize a ferramente de código para postar seu script.
  12. Use this command in the script: savepoint "pvp_n_1-4",162,122;
  13. Explain better... During the Emperium War can everyone access the GP? I saw that you are Brazilian, if you want you can send me pm to explain me better. Unfortunately if we speak in Portuguese here in the topic we take warn.
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