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  1. // When pet leveling is enabled, these are the imposed caps on // min/max damage. Note that these only cap atk1 and atk2, if you // enable pet_str, their max damage is then their base_atk + pet_max_atk2 pet_max_atk1: 500 pet_max_atk2: 1000 conf/battle/pet.conf
  2. Si instaló el diff de los costume itens, es probable que esté usando la V2, que tiene un erro, ignora todos los efectos de los costume itens. Este error ocurrió cuando intentaron corregir el sistema de conversión de costume itens. Después de la conversión, el equipo mantuvo los atributos, e incluso hizo combos. Intentaron corregir poniendo a cero los efectos de los costume itens, la mayoría causando problemas en los shadow armors y hateffect. No conozco ninguna corrección de este sistema, le aconsejo que lo elimine.
  3. Loc: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/conf/battle/status.conf#L30-L32 // Maximum resistance to status changes. (100 = 100%) // NOTE: Cards and equipment can go over this limit, so it only applies to natural resist. pc_max_status_def: 100 mob_max_status_def: 100 or in src/map/battle.cpp { "pc_max_status_def", &battle_config.pc_max_sc_def, 100, 0, INT_MAX, }, It may solve your problem.
  4. The BR community has a video teaching how to put the emblem on a 2020 client. The description of this video has the necessary resources.
  5. Be careful when requesting support en in international forums of rAthena ... Always use the support area pt-br: https://rathena.org/board/forum/157-suporte-geral/ Although you have translated, moderation is not always tolerant.
  6. use mvp_room.txt I got the code wrong, I'm sorry. removemapflag "06guild_01", mf_noskill;
  7. What is the point of using the command manually? henever the server goes down, or it reloads it will have to go on 8 maps using the command lol Forcing skillon on oninit is the best, most practical and smart alternative. What you said is an amateur solution, which has no knowledge.
  8. There is no such lock on this file. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/mapflag/noskill.txt It is better to force the skillon activation on the map, since we do not know where the mapflag is being active. Example below: (Remove ++ before adding it to your script, it is just a reference.) OnInit: ++skillon "06guild_01"; ++skillon "06guild_02"; ++skillon "06guild_03"; ++skillon "06guild_04"; ++skillon "06guild_05"; ++skillon "06guild_06"; ++skillon "06guild_07"; ++skillon "06guild_08"; .color$[1] = "^EE8800"; // party color .color$[2] = "^70CC11"; // guild color .color$[3] = "^0000FF"; // account color waitingroom "Sala MVP",0; end; }
  9. I used this script to summon champion monsters on my server. Exemple_Champiom_Monstros.txt After defeating 100x monster X, he summons monster Y.
  10. Parabéns meu querido! Estou acompanhando o projeto pelo grupo do rAthena Brasil no discord. É muito bom ter algo pra competir, no seu caso, até superar o FluxCP. Continue com essa dedicação, seu trabalho é excelente!
  11. The change will only be applied after restarting the server. I told you lol "ut it is necessary to restart the emulator to update the information in real time."
  12. Recuerdo que esta función se eliminó porque era posible duplicar itens con ella. Recomiendo no activarlo.
  13. Run on your SQL database: UPDATE `char` set `fame` = 0; It will reset the "fame" column. ut it is necessary to restart the emulator to update the information in real time.
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