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  1. when try hatch mastering egg display that eror
  2. I've added the item pet , item egg,mob , and already change the pet_db.yml using renewal version . but still displayed this error
  3. hello, want to ask how to implent pet evolution on pre renewal bro? can you explain?
  4. Hello, i've set the function randomopt and using item_random_opt too on my pre renewal server.. but when i try to enchant shadow equipment still displayed mes "This doesnt seem to be enchanted sorry."; can u give me clue to make it work?
  5. Anyone know how to fix it? i've make sure this file : EXIT WINDOWS esc_09a.bmp esc_09b.bmp esc_09c.bmp SETTING esc_001a.bmp esc_001b.bmp esc_001c.bmp Include on GRF but still using Korean Languange
  6. Oh my GOD its solved. THANKS BTW @jchcc . I take 10 Hours to try fix it LOL
  7. Hi rAthena. Want to ask about garment file from twro (taiwan ragnarok). i've extract it and patch it correctly. added in spriterobename.lub and spriterobeid.lub. i've put the file in correctly folder data/sprite/·Îºê/ . The problem is why the robe view id sprite is not displayed in game ? Tested with other sprite from KRO/JRO is NORMAL This issue only happen when use TWRO Sprite. This is issue video = https://youtu.be/BQ0dQo2p7H8 EXE Client = 20180307 ADDED NOTE = - If you put the TWRO Sprite into a Working Garment Item example (Wing_Of_Gabriel sprite you put in Wing_Of_Michael Sprite / Fallen Angel Wing Sprite) the TWRO Sprite will displayed correctly)
  8. 2018-09-07_21-29-14.mp4 How to solve this? i used 2018-03-07 exe client. and i have make sure the spriterobeid.lub + spriterobename.lub is correct. anyone know to fix this?
  9. why not use emistry vendor controll ? https://rathena.org/board/files/file/2933-vendor-control/
  10. yeah i've ask @Cydh only 2018-05-31 ++ will support 32000 ++ itemid in roullette db box
  11. Nope, i know now, client under 2018-05-31 not support 32000++ item id, only support until 32000 item id only. and my custom item is 40.000 ++
  12. i think you need oldest KRO, try to use 2017 KRO version
  13. try to install again your mysql . i think its not installed correctly
  14. Hi rAthena, Want to ask, how to set the roulette item not displayed as Unknown Item in the box? Example i'm using item id 45004 for MyRagnarokCoins . i've put the file in ItemInfo.lub / ItemInfo.lua when i added it on DB_Roullette . in the game displayed as Unknown item, but when i got it, its will back to normal. See the image below.