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Community Answers

  1. Kido

    You are really closing? i couldn't find your page in facebook and your site it's still down ):

  2. Hi CaioVictor, Why not just... #!/bin/sh cd /home/emulator ./athena-start stop
  3. Hi balmung, The issue is that the use of 's1'/'p1' is prohibited. You are required to change it for the emulator to start up properly.
  4. Hi IssacLock, Maybe your ISP has '6121' blocked on their end... just replace the 6121 with 5120 or 6899, to something which can be opened.
  5. Hi Zezicla, If you truly have 1000 players, with a lot of data in MySQL; InnoDB is what you should be using. MyISAM is quicker when you have less SQL data, however, if your database exceeds GB; then you'll see that queries begin to lock up from time to time... causing lag. That is where InnoDB outperforms MyISAM, when your SQL database is extremely large; it does not lock up.
  6. Hi Honesto, Check the 'Logs' folder available in the VNC Desktop next time. Using '' in the 'inter_athena.conf' is correct. You must use your RO service IP in the login_athena/map_athena/char_athena config files though.
  7. Hi Erba, Right here... 'MailerUseSMTP' => false,
  8. Hi kenkrels, Try turning on the debug option within '/config/application.php', and then do what you did to get that error.
  9. Asura


    Hi Batman, Try looking up a guide on setting up a GRE tunnel between the two...
  10. Hi c e d i e, Loom is correct about this... @Loom - Thanks.
  11. Hi Gelo, Issue is that you used '' in your .conf files; you should use your WAN IP instead for the char/login/map .conf files.
  12. Hi Kyo, I believe you are talking about the bypass the Harmony GRF integrity (since it's been word around town, that it can be bypass'ed). SecureGRF should work just fine.
  13. Hi DeathClaw, In your char/map/login .conf files; make sure you are not using the 'bind_ip' function. Also, for the IP addresses; declare your WAN IP (do not use LAN/
  14. Hi longlostbro, The WIKI's installation guide is for setting up the emulator, not the client-side. rAthena does not contribute in developing client-side, that'd be illegal (I think) if they did. Please check the Client-side support section, they have pinned topics for what you are looking for.
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