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  1. Yeah this does work, you have to edit lines 1934 1935 1936 and E X P rate, Drop rate & Death Penalty it changes but where it says (PCCafe 0.0% TPlus 0.0% + <server name> Server XX.XX%) is at line 3033 but doesn't do a thing however I want to change it. I can remove the rest but doesn't look useful. Maybe something in src needs to be changed, but I'm not sure.
  2. Will check this. thank you @Panic
  3. Very good to work with. Responsive and super quick deliveries. Ordered Splash and Loading Screens. But, looking to get more in the future. recommended 100%, services were delivered earlier than e-tat. If all works well, will be going with them for all future gfx needs of the project. - re entering my feedback. was able to access my original account after a while. plus ordered another set of loading screens with them and very satisfied
  4. Virtue


    wondering how was this solved? i am getting this error for the loader right now, anybody knows?
  5. Hello, How long does the payment verification take? I purchased a script on the download section but its still under verification since yesterday. @[email protected]
  6. Virtue

    Itemizer PHP

    Hi I have been looking at this and now I am wondering how do I put a pagination system at the Itemizer php from this http://rathena.org/board/topic/60513-event-ticket-rewarder-php-log-viewer-anti-gm-corruption/ i tried myself but i am having no luck though.
  7. Virtue

    CP Question

    Xantara's Flux
  8. try to use this getequipisequiped(<equipment slot>) This functions will return 1 if there is an equipment placed on the specified equipment slot and 0 otherwise. For a list of equipment slots
  9. Virtue

    CP Question

    Hi, Where do you think I can see/change the preferred_server settings? I am having an error and it kinda shows something about that
  10. it could be done at the skill_castdb i think, justi ncrease the after cast delay or put/ add cooldowns. but I think the players would not like that. but its all up to you
  11. Hi Guys, I know this has been posted over and over again, but I think i have read and check all the other topics about this and still can't find the answer. what I think everybody wants/need/asks for is this. I found this script made by annie.
  12. Hi Scripting Pros, is it possible to use this query on a script? SELECT COUNT(account_id) AS OnlinePlayers FROM char WHERE online=1; I will be using it for some script that checks the online player count Thanks to those who will help.
  13. Hi, I am not quite sure why safety wall is causing errors on my client. can't find a fix but I am quite sure that safety wall is causing the error. No Errors encountered with effects off and safety wall but when the effects are turned on and you die near a safety wall the client crashes.
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