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  1. Hello everyone I didn't make any changes to this skill but apparently when I use Bio Cannibalize (Creator Skill) my server crash. Can anyone help me to fix the code? Thank you.
  2. Have the same problem, how did you fix it, bringer?
  3. Hey, Hello. Did you fix this problem?
  4. Youness


    Hellos guys, I have been testing a lot with this Skill and I can not solve the problem I have. The animation always comes out. I would like only the animation comes out when the Skill makes the disarm (Strip). I wish I could receive help. Here my cases : case GS_DISARM: rate = 3*skilllv; if (sstatus->dex > tstatus->dex) rate += (sstatus->dex - tstatus->dex)/5; break; case GS_DISARM: time = skill_get_time(skill_id, skill_lv); break; case GS_DISARM: location = EQP_WEAPON; break; case GS_DISARM: skill_strip_equip(src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv); clif_skill_nodamage(src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,1); break; Thank you!!!
  5. I do not find them (PvP mapflags) in BG
  6. It was not solved with that change. @Mael
  7. Hello all. I have activated the PK Mode. When you activate the PK Mode, automatically all maps except cities, enters in a invisible PvP(Pk) Mapflag. After the fact, I use BG too and it's maps must have their corresponding mapflag (BG Mapflag) to work properly. Apparently, notifies me that I must deactivate one of those mapflags, but... How I'm going to deactivate some invisible? Can somebody help me? I can not imagine the solution... Thank You.
  8. Is it compatible if you have Gepard @Normynator ?
  9. @Litro Endemic Can you help me with that ? " if your rate is anything above 80% itll only return 80% " I guess it must be almost the same, but I'm not totally sure. Thank you!
  10. Oh, I see @Naruto Could you assure me where put each lines and in which part exactly, please? It confuses me because each one has placed it in a different place. Thank you !!!
  11. Thank you very much, I appreciate your answers. So, basically it can be done in both ways? Again, I appreciate your answers.
  12. Conseguiste solucionarlo ? @kalopx , tengo el mismo problema Did you fix it? @kalopx , have the same problem u,u
  13. Hello, I want to adapt this code in rAthena src (pc.c). Could anyone help me, please (?) Thank you. I just want to edit Eff_Freeze limit in 80% Here's the custom edit. if ((effect[i].rate >= 8000) && (effect[i].id == 1)) effect[i].rate = 8000; Here's the exact part in pc.c in rAthena Emu. if (effect.size() == MAX_PC_BONUS) { ShowWarning("pc_bonus_addeff: Reached max (%d) number of add effects per character!\n", MAX_PC_BONUS); return; } if (!(flag&(ATF_SHORT | ATF_LONG))) flag |= ATF_SHORT | ATF_LONG; //Default range: both if (!(flag&(ATF_TARGET | ATF_SELF))) flag |= ATF_TARGET; //Default target: enemy. if (!(flag&(ATF_WEAPON | ATF_MAGIC | ATF_MISC))) flag |= ATF_WEAPON; //Default type: weapon. if (!duration) duration = (unsigned int)skill_get_time2(status_sc2skill(sc), 7); for (auto &it : effect) { if ( == sc && it.flag == flag) { it.rate = cap_value(it.rate + rate, -10000, 10000); it.arrow_rate += arrow_rate; it.duration = umax(it.duration, duration); return; } } struct s_addeffect entry = {}; if (rate < -10000 || rate > 10000) ShowWarning("pc_bonus_addeff: Item bonus rate %d exceeds -10000~10000 range, capping.\n", rate); = sc; entry.rate = cap_value(rate, -10000, 10000); entry.arrow_rate = arrow_rate; entry.flag = flag; entry.duration = duration; effect.push_back(entry); } Thanks again.
  14. Hello @Elysium @skymia Can you help me to fix this in the latest code, please?