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  1. I need to see the code of your skill. Post it here.
  2. Hello everyone I didn't make any changes to this skill but apparently when I use Bio Cannibalize (Creator Skill) my server crash. Can anyone help me to fix the code? https://pastebin.com/Tf02Uxb9 Thank you.
  3. Have the same problem, how did you fix it, bringer?
  4. Hey, Hello. Did you fix this problem?
  5. Youness


    Hellos guys, I have been testing a lot with this Skill and I can not solve the problem I have. The animation always comes out. I would like only the animation comes out when the Skill makes the disarm (Strip). I wish I could receive help. Here my cases : case GS_DISARM: rate = 3*skilllv; if (sstatus->dex > tstatus->dex) rate += (sstatus->dex - tstatus->dex)/5; break; case GS_DISARM: time = skill_get_time(skill_id, skill_lv); break; case GS_DISARM: location = EQP_WEAPON; break; case GS_DISARM: skill_strip_equip(src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv); clif_skill_nodamage(src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,1); break; Thank you!!!
  6. I do not find them (PvP mapflags) in BG
  7. It was not solved with that change. @Mael
  8. Hello all. I have activated the PK Mode. When you activate the PK Mode, automatically all maps except cities, enters in a invisible PvP(Pk) Mapflag. After the fact, I use BG too and it's maps must have their corresponding mapflag (BG Mapflag) to work properly. Apparently, notifies me that I must deactivate one of those mapflags, but... How I'm going to deactivate some invisible? Can somebody help me? I can not imagine the solution... Thank You.
  9. Is it compatible if you have Gepard @Normynator ?
  10. @Litro Endemic Can you help me with that ? " if your rate is anything above 80% itll only return 80% " I guess it must be almost the same, but I'm not totally sure. Thank you!
  11. Oh, I see @Naruto Could you assure me where put each lines and in which part exactly, please? It confuses me because each one has placed it in a different place. Thank you !!!
  12. Thank you very much, I appreciate your answers. So, basically it can be done in both ways? Again, I appreciate your answers.
  13. Conseguiste solucionarlo ? @kalopx , tengo el mismo problema Did you fix it? @kalopx , have the same problem u,u
  14. Hello, I want to adapt this code in rAthena src (pc.c). Could anyone help me, please (?) Thank you. I just want to edit Eff_Freeze limit in 80% Here's the custom edit. if ((effect[i].rate >= 8000) && (effect[i].id == 1)) effect[i].rate = 8000; Here's the exact part in pc.c in rAthena Emu. if (effect.size() == MAX_PC_BONUS) { ShowWarning("pc_bonus_addeff: Reached max (%d) number of add effects per character!\n", MAX_PC_BONUS); return; } if (!(flag&(ATF_SHORT | ATF_LONG))) flag |= ATF_SHORT | ATF_LONG; //Default range: both if (!(flag&(ATF_TARGET | ATF_SELF))) flag |= ATF_TARGET; //Default target: enemy. if (!(flag&(ATF_WEAPON | ATF_MAGIC | ATF_MISC))) flag |= ATF_WEAPON; //Default type: weapon. if (!duration) duration = (unsigned int)skill_get_time2(status_sc2skill(sc), 7); for (auto &it : effect) { if (it.sc == sc && it.flag == flag) { it.rate = cap_value(it.rate + rate, -10000, 10000); it.arrow_rate += arrow_rate; it.duration = umax(it.duration, duration); return; } } struct s_addeffect entry = {}; if (rate < -10000 || rate > 10000) ShowWarning("pc_bonus_addeff: Item bonus rate %d exceeds -10000~10000 range, capping.\n", rate); entry.sc = sc; entry.rate = cap_value(rate, -10000, 10000); entry.arrow_rate = arrow_rate; entry.flag = flag; entry.duration = duration; effect.push_back(entry); } Thanks again.
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