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  1. I added you in Discord to discuss about this one. Need this to be implemented in one of the servers I handle
  2. Aya

    Guild PK Points

    Okay, now testing it. Thanks btw. Uhh I think your script gives a certain guild a Points. Hmm what I want is that, it's like a pvp ladder but instead of recording a player's Kills, I want it to be the guild's kills. )
  3. Is it possible to make a script (like a ranker NPC or something) that tally the total accumulated PK points of a certain Guild during WoE? For example, Guild 1: Total PK points = 1000; Guild 2: Total PK points = 2000 something like that.
  4. It's been awhile :) Hiii rAthena! I'm back after quitting for 2 months :D

  5. This is my problem. I am using eAthena Latest revision and Idk why I am having this problem. I tried searching the eAthena Forums if they already solved this issue but I think it is not yet solved. The problem is in a custom item script, when I am wearing the custom item, this error appears but the weird this is, even a Knife and Cotton shirt make this error appear in my putty.exe PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP! Thank you!
  6. Hi rA! I am requesting for the item script of the following custom items. I am using the latest Revision of eA. Thank you. BUMP!
  7. O okay! I just can't affor Harmony that's why I am making custom defenses for my server Thank you!
  8. Well basically what I want to happen is to allow players who play in different computer sharing the same IP as far as concern for those who are in a Computer Shop. What I do not want is that when, someone is going to login using the SAME IP he is using, meaning this guy is using SandBoxie (A software that allows dual client even the diff is DISABLED MULTIPLE CLIENTS.)
  9. Please check my script. This script SHOULD not allow players to log in using the same IP. Thank you! I made this script to prevent sandbox users. Thank you
  10. Hi, thanks for that problem. Another problem is that, when a player has 10,000 Coins already, when you click the NPC, nothing is happening. I think we should put a switch statement before the IF statement. Like Yes / No choices. I don't know how to do that, I am not yet good in scripting. Nvm. Fixed.
  11. prontera,200,200,6 script Phyress 717,{ mes "[Phyress]"; mes "Hello "+strcharinfo(0)+", I was sent by GM-Aya to provide"; mes "you guys a great Christmas Event!"; mes "I'll tell you the secret of this event."; emotion e_no1; next; mes "[Phyress]"; mes "This NPC is only valid until December 25, 3 AM GMT + 8."; mes "So please hurry up and finish whatever quest I will give you!"; next; mes "[Phyress]"; mes "I can give you a Falcon Clip[2]."; mes "All I need is 10,000 ^0055ff15k DeceiveRO Coins^000000."; mes "Yes I know it is hard, but the prize is worth it! So that's all!"; mes "Talk to me again once you have the requirements. Thank you!"; next; if (countitem(30000) >= 10000) { delitem 30000,10000; getitem 22009,1; mes "Here's a Falcon Clip! Congratulations!"; mes "Thank you for participating DeceiveRO's Christmas Event! Till next year! =)"; mes "Bye!"; announce "+strcharinfo(0)+" has received a Falcon Clip!",0; } else mes "You need ^0055ff15k DeceiveRO Coins^000000 for a Falcon Clip."; close; } Hi Euphy, Kindly check my script. It's not appearing on game.
  12. Just a simple NPC. The NPC will have an introduction about Xmas and about this event. (Your choice on what introduction you may want to prefer.) Then the main Quest is this: for 15k DeceiveRO coin (Item ID = 30000) = 1 Falcon Clip (ID = 22009) Then announced, This Player has successfully obtained Falcon Clip! Merry Christmas! Exit. Thanks! xD
  13. Having the same issue as these. Using old SVN but i'll try to update my SVN maybe it'll solve my problem. But BUMP on these. Can someone provide us the solution? Thank you. BUMP TO THIS! Are you using Renewal settings on your server? If not, try these in your source edit. I fixed mine using these: go to trunk/src/config/renewal.h add the following #define REMODE 0 These will absolutely ignore all renewal settings on your server. Recompile and restart.
  14. Fixed this one. I used: #define REMODE 0 in src/config/renewal.h This funtion will only use your Pre-re DB. So its like I removed the Renewal Settings of my server. I recompiled and works perfectly.
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