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  1. Ano gamit mong client translation at Pre RE ba or RE ang type ng RO mo?
  2. RaMod = may babayaran ka para sa mga extra features like rankings, pvpladders, etc. Take Note. may inibang codes ang developer ng Ramod pero ang base emulator niya ay rathena rathena = opensource emulator at ikaw mismo sa sarili mo ang gagawa ng lahat. from scripts, database mods, hexed client, maraming pang iba.
  3. Ano gamit mong SQL Mysql workbench or Xampp?
  4. as i read it you've google it but you can't apply it or make it there are plenty of guides and i suggest use the wiki of rathena and hercules but take note rathena and hercules are same emulator but the structures and codes of the both emulator are slightly different and i will suggest the you start with rathena. il'l just type a follow through steps but this is note a complete guide but it will guide you step by step like linking please use search because your question might be answered first download the rAthena Emulator, download you main client from here or from ratemyserver.net, Xampp for the database or mysql client, download tortoise svn or tortoise git, download notepad ++, then download a compatible client date like 2013 clients, download NEO patcher or any hexed patcher for client then start last download MS visual studio 2010 or 2012 to compile and edit your source files first refer to rathena wiki second use tortoise git or svn to download the emulator edit the conf files using notepad++ (refer to wiki) use xampp for you database or mysql client add and edit the login table to the ones you put in the conf file (refer to wiki) after you edit compile using microsoft visual studio 2010 or 2012 run the server check if it has error (refer to wiki) the if it has no console error then hex your own client or if your lazy enough you can download a precompiled client in the client section in rathena the try your client and server ps. i dont have time to make a guide and there a plenty of guides written by the members of the board sorry for this reply but i just want to help i may edit this to make a link in future i just don't have many free times now
  5. @keyworld is this in progress and updated every weekly or daily im interested on it please dont stop developing this wonderful idea and your very creative mind i will support you
  6. Only you server provider can answer your questions
  7. the unique id is limited or in other words you can you numbers but if its hexed in your client, may i ask what client data are you using and client exe?
  8. did you put the item id correctly?
  9. Try this find the item folder in your data/texture/item folder then find if you put your saiyan item there
  10. @lilith is the paid one is the working one and bugless src mod?
  11. What is the name of your custom item (saiyan hair) can you say to me in detail how you add your custom item because if you want to see your item Edit your item_db or if its correct try to recheck your accname.lub/lub and accessoryid.lua/lub or check your view id if it matches your lua and db other way arround diff your client viewid change to 30000
  12. you lacking of sql table in your database
  13. This is the reason why i keep learning about everything on RO but it takes time and patience you rA team are my motivation and inspiration thank you for providing us the emulator more power
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