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  1. download that 1.5 and the sysbox.grf.Then,put those two GRF inside your server grf
  2. Thanks for sharing sir. Very helpful. What i did is i put the "summoner.grf" on my ragnarok server file then edit data.ini into this. data.ini [Data] 2=data.grf 3=553-ClothesDyes-251HairDyes.grf 4=summoner.grf And im still getting error but a different error now. which is this.. and this any idea sir? Thanks so much. data.grf put at number 4.Which translation file you use?I use this one. No error for me. Are you already include the dresspack?
  4. Seperti yang rytech cakap, client xray sudah discontinued sejak oktober 2010. Download dari sini ke? ( Kalau ya, revision ini hanya untuk client RagexeRE. Fail ini sudah outdated. Kalau nak yang latest, boleh download sini. ( Guna client 2015-10-29aRagexe. Kalau tak yakin, pakai client 2012-04-10aRagexeRE
  5. Hi and welcome back But wait. Did I know you? Coz your location is from Malaysia. Same country
  6. 2015-11-04aRagexe
  7. Edit item_trade.txt File ini boleh didapati di db/pre-re atau db/re Contoh 1161,67,50 1161 adalah item balmung. Balmung ini hanya GM level 50 keatas boleh keluarkan.
  8. make sure that pink background you use #ff00ff
  9. .::You don't know who am don't judge me::.

  10. .::The Return Of Luminous::.

  11. Dead link?