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  1. LoveRudra Live CP Make your site beyond the others. - Overview: + System: Support PHP 5.0 or higher. Support MySQL 5.0 or higher. Logging System. ( System, Session, SQL Queries, Registration ) Auto Address Detection. ( Make it easy for identify your web server address. ) Hot-Link Protection. ( Make user can't download file directy. ) Keep-Alive Connection. ( Update your connection session, when you idle your browser. ) Easy Setup. ( Just type some information and proceed. ) + Main Features: Custom Themes Custom Languages Custom Add-Ons Custom Emotions Server Status Checker Welcome Message Server Notice RSS Feed + My Account: Change Password. Change Self-Locking System Password. Change E-mail. + My Character: View Character Information. Reset Equipment. Reset Hair Style. Reset Hair Color. Reset Clothes Color. Return Savepoint. Change Slot. + Registration Form: Open/Close Registration. Register and Activate by E-mail. + Live Forum: Category Support. BB Code Support. Make Topic. Make Poll. Topic Options. ( Pin, Close, Invisible, Delete, Edit Topic, Add/Edit/Delete Poll. ) RSS Feed for Last Topic Information. + WOE 2.0 Report ( War of Emperium SE Edition ) + Guild Ladder: Sort by All Guilds. Search by Guild Name. Search by Guild Master. Search by Guild Level. Search by Average Level. Search by Max Guild Member. + Character Ladder: Sort by All Characters. Sort by Base Level. Sort by Job Level. Search by Character Name. Search by Party Name. Search by Guild Name. Search by Gender. Search by Class. Search by Status. ( Online/Offline ) + Homunculus Ladder: Sort by All Homunculus. Sort by Homunculus Level. Search by Homunculus Name. Search by Master Name. Search by Class. Search by Homunculus Level. Search by is Alive? Search by is Vaporize? + Self Locking System + Zeny Transfer System + More Features... + Administration: + Account Manager: Search Account by ID, E-mail & IP Address. Edit/Delete Account. + Add-Ons Manager:Add/Edit/Delete Add-Ons.+ Announcement Manager: Add/Edit/Delete Announcement. Update Welcome Message. Update Registration Rule. + Category & Forum Manager: Add/Edit/Delete Category. Sort Category by Order ID. Add/Edit/Delete Forum. Make Redirect Forum. + Configuration Manager:Edit Configuration File.+ Update Manager: Manual & Automatic Update. Report Latest Update Information. Update Log for Automatic Update. + System Properties:Display All System Properties.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Requirement Programs: Apache Web Server, Internet Information Services and the others PHP 5.0 or higher MySQL 5.0 or higher Zend Guard Loader / Zend Optimizer 3.3 or higher ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Screenshots: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Notes: If you don't have the web server, i would suggest you using VertrigoServ. ( Zend Optimizer included. ) If you using VertrigoServ, you must download package file for PHP 5.0-5.2 only! If you need Zend Guard Loader / Zend Optimizer for your web server, you can download from "Downloads" section. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Downloads: LoveRudra Live CP v1.2.1 ( for PHP 5.4 ) LoveRudra Live CP v1.2.1 ( for PHP 5.3 ) LoveRudra Live CP v1.2.1 ( for PHP 5.0-5.2 ) VertrigoServ 2.23 ( Zend Optimizer included. ) Zend Guard Loader v6.0.0 ( for PHP 5.4 ) Zend Guard Loader v5.5.0 ( for PHP 5.3 ) Zend Optimizer v3.3.3 ( for PHP 5.0-5.2 ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - What's New in Version 1.2.1: Improve speed and performance, fix bug, keep it up to date. Remove unused features to speed up system performance. Fix PHP session store if undefined PHP session variables. Fix invalid MySQL character set if not use default character set. Fix invalid setup result and vulnerable in setup script. Fix incompatible javascript code for modern browsers. Add support with rAthena and Hercules, eAthena is no longer supported. Re-design new layout. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Manual Setup an Administrator Account: Connect to MySQL server and go to table "login" in your ragnarok database. Copy data in field "account_id" and go to table "privilege_data" in your cp database. Paste data from clipboard to the field "privilege_id" and change value in field "privilege_level" to 99. Completed! you can login as an administrator from now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Contact Us: Luna ([email protected])
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