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  1. Secret's Updated NEMO Patches

    That means your client has /quake command support. You can use that to toggle quake effects.
  2. why is player not attached OnPCLoginEvent?

    sleep detaches the player. use sleep2 instead
  3. Secret's Updated NEMO Patches

    @Functor Thanks. Will be fixed on Sunday. Fixed!
  4. Disable /w

    Remove codes in clif_user_count
  5. Segmentation fault

    if(skill_num > 0 && !skill_db[skill_num].pneumaIgnore)
  6. How convert txt to sql

    You need to run the file in command line because it needs some additional command line parameters.
  7. so which is more reliable?

    Guides about xray client and the xray client itself is outdated. You don’t need them anymore. IIRC, you can now add custom skills clients that utilize lua files for storing skill data.
  8. R>Bot tracker

    Bots are better at answering those questions than real people. A person with some regular-expression knowledge could easily code a bypass for script-based antibot. You may be able to catch macro users though :3
  9. How convert txt to sql

    Just download a perl runtime or w/e it is then execute the file. You don’t have to know Perl to use the tool. For Windows install StrawberryPerl or ActivePerl.
  10. NPC timer unaffected by server reset

    Pseudocode, but I think you can get what I want to show here - script secret -1,{ OnFoo: $evt_tick = gettimetick(2); addtimer "somenpc::someevent",.delay_tick; end; OnInit: .delay_tick = youreventdelay; [email protected] = gettimetick(2) - $evt_tick; if([email protected] < 0) { // timer still not elapsed addtimer "somenpc::someevent",[email protected]; } else { donpcevent "somenpc::someevent"; }
  11. I need to talk to you, I sent a friend request on discord

  12. Can't see other players! Default Installation!

    Are you in some sort of intro maps? Because there are many copies of it and every character spawns on one of the randomized copies. What if you go on a GM account and use @recall on the other char?
  13. need help to Plagiarism NPC

    Before using skills, NPCs must have basic stats applied to them depending on the skill being used: UNPC_ATKMIN, UNPC_ATKMAX, UNPC_MATKMIN, UNPC_MATKMAX, UNPC_STR, UNPC_AGI, UNPC_VIT, UNPC_INT, UNPC_DEX, UNPC_LUK. See 'setunitdata' for more information on usage. source:
  14. can you help me rathina

    Try applying the "Enforce Official Login Background" patch on Nemo
  15. Lua to Lub compiler

    You could have noticed the word "compile". If you happen to have zero lua knowledge, skip lua-related topics next time