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  1. Looks better than original, for sure. Can't comment much because the low resolution.
  2. That's a client limitation. I cant do anything about that
  3. This post is in the Filipino section.
  4. @AnnieRuru afaik the instance is a solo instance so I wouldn't count that as a bug. That's Aegis' way of forcing a one man party that got mimicked. I guess we could make it char-bound instead of having the solo party since we have support for that, unlike Aegis.
  5. Your version will miss the baby version of the two jobs since they have the JOBL_BABY flag added.
  6. [email protected] = eaclass(); if(([email protected] & EAJL_THIRD) || ([email protected] & MAPID_REBELLION == MAPID_REBELLION) || ([email protected] & MAPID_KAGEROUOBORO == MAPID_KAGEROUOBORO)) { // ... } untested
  7. hi secret.


    Can i find out more from you on the DressRoom.txt. Does it require both classic and alternate job sprite in data folder?


  8. You have to set up a castle for the map guild_base in /db/castle_db.txt
  9. Pull request opened
  10. No, it's my other experimental "secure login" project with with codes commented and a line for this bypass added, and I'm too lazy to clean it up for a release. It just hooks into the "send" function and modify the buffer.
  11. brAthena's solution is using a launcher or some custom mod to read the computer's physical address and put it into packet 0x0825 (enabled with SSO login packet patch) at 0x3C offset.
  12. [Untested] Slap Roarrr.asi into your RO client folder and watch brAthena get confused. I take no responsibility of any kind from consequences of using this client add-on. It is simply provided as a proof-of-concept on how weak brAthena's MAC address ban system is. Use it at your own risk.
  13. Structure padding screwed you up there edit: Add Pack = 1 to the StructLayout attribute and change version to uint since ulong is 64 bit integer (8 bytes)
  14. The packet ID (0x64) should be a ushort instead of byte.