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  1. This project generates the Lua file for the client and YAML file for rAthena from the item ID, start date, end date you entered. Handy for lazy people like me who doesn't want to edit two files to update attendance item list. Supports rAthena only. Link: Source:
  2. can you how to install BG2.0?

  3. Secrets

    Getting average level of Online party members.

    The cleanest way imo is coding a custom script command to get the average level so you don't have to go through the trouble that may be caused by attachrid.
  4. Secrets

    tortoise svn checkout

    Disclaimer: This comment is opinionated. If you wish to use subversion with github (and why the hell would you do it anyways. it's 2018), you can check out GitHub's guide. The correct way to solve the problem mentioned in OP is to clone a "shallow clone" with Git. Which you can find how to in Google. Here's the link: And please spend some effort if people provide you a hint. This topic is now locked.
  5. Secrets

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    Why 2 separate files for two platforms? O_O
  6. Secrets

    [Showcase] Hakurei Shrine

    Another good mapper in town~ Good work
  7. Secrets

    Multi-Language solution

    Sadly we do not have a clean solution yet.
  8. น่าจะเป็นเพราะอาชีพใหม่นะ ดาต้าของ zack มันไม่อัพเดตมาพักนึงแล้ว Translation: Could be caused by an addition introduced with the new jobs. Zack's data is outdated.
  9. I apologize everyone who PMed me during this period. I’m currently working on a project with really strict timeline so I have cut myself off rA forums for a while.

    I’ll be replying once I get things done

  10. Secrets

    VIP Ticket

    vip_time(60*24); dispbottom "VIP time extended for 24 hours.";
  11. Secrets

    Help Learning Instance and how it works. <3

    You can. See script_instancegetid.
  12. Secrets

    Doubt About instance_create command

    That’s because our instance system is intended to be less verbose. There’s no sanity check from has_instance needed here because how the instance creation process is designed. The instance isn’t supposed to work if a required map isn’t added in the database anyways. Also, map names can always be retrieved with instance_mapname if you have instance id stored or strnpcinfo like you mentioned. Map name retrieval from outside of the instance isn’t something we need. Instance should be isolated (with only instance_enter or warp commands sending people in). You should think about redesigning your script if you need something more complicated than this somehow
  13. Secrets

    Doubt About instance_create command

    dw I like people who actually put efforts You can do it either way, it's not gonna matter. Be sure to pass the instance id to instance_mapname so it resolves the correct instance.
  14. Secrets

    Doubt About instance_create command

    You should pass an instance id (which you should have stored somewhere since you created an IM_NONE instance) to instance_enter command to let the server know which instance it should warp the player to. See script_commands.txt for more info.
  15. Secrets

    [Suggestion/Request] Random Option Database

    Opened an issue on our issue tracker. Please direct further suggestion there instead of this topic.