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[Showcase] UFC Strikeforce PvP Arena

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Briefing & Concept

Hello everyone!

I have been extremely busy with custom map works these days. (I have 10+ to do right now s:). Nevermind; I'm really glad to show this one that was a request of a customer who asked it without any exclusive license. Yes, that means this map available for anyone interested for it.

Well. I'm sure most of people here knows what is the UFC. If you Watch the Fox Sports every weekend, then, you must know about this westler matches. A very intense one in my opinion.


Here you have the area in real life. The particularity (and I have to say the most representative fact) is, the Octagon style of the arena.

This arena has also a big tv screen on the upper side of it. The most of times the lights of this arena are focussed to the match. This was my intention with my map too.


About this map
So, what do we have new on this map?

UFC Strikeforce Arena is, a small arena designed for pvp events 1vs1, (just as the real UFC), although you can use it for more people if you want.

The whole octagon was a model and the textures were made by me (although I used some metal patterns in PS and real life photos to make for example, the corner bags) The white octagon area has a trick, to be possible to iluminate it it was necessary to not make it as a model (since models can't be iluminated) so, a set of custom textures with magenta present did the trick!

This arena is very nice. However, the most particular feature it has, is the TV Screen since it is Animated and it shows different images of Ragnarok and Real UFC images in different sequences.

Anyone interested in this map can change those images with particular adds of his server, or, lets say: players of the month/guild of the month, top ranked players, or important server announcements. It is easy, just to replace some images file :P

Video! ... Watch it in 720p!

HD Screenshots
Color Palettes Sponsored by @KamiShi
Drooping Olrox Hat Sponsored by @Adel

Screens are in Full 1920x1080 HD resolution. You can allways hit the image thumbnaill to check the images on full size, and check some details that can only be appreciated in HD resolution.

Overview 1
Awesome screenshot comes at first!


Overview 2
Another angle of the center view. Heh well that is a UFC model <3 you can always change the art :D but it look really nice to me, so I just added her.


Overview 4
Flat view, and shows fence transparency.


Detailed View 1
The arena with all the decorations. Those "corner bags" made with real ufc texturess and some editions I did. The fences, the metal octagon steps, etc.


Detailed View 2
This map comes in 2 versions. One with only the arena walkable, and another one with spectators enabled. So it is up to you to code and enable spectators on this arena, here is an example of how a player can sit and look at the match


Detailed View 3
Alternatively, anyone can see the matches at the borders of the arena if you want.


For all for those who wonders if this is a private request... It is not. :P Anyone who wants this map will be able to have it. Trough rathena downloads. However, sadly I can't offer it as a free release. Since the amount of work with this one was, a lot, moreover when it has custom content that I did by myself.

... With that being said ---> DOWNLOAD LINK

In any case, This is more about a showcase thread. So any feedback or rating of this arena is always welcome... Rate it! Tell me about what you think. Every comment is highly appreciated.

Please, look at the video. You can only see the TV screen in action by looking at the video so as The BGM of this map that is, from the real ufc matches.

Thank you guys for all your support. This high amount of maps I'm working on will be a good chance to try new concepts I have for maps :D
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Wow. I love the animated models you made the cycled through different textures. This can be very useful for advertising purposes within a map. I like the lighting effect you setup as well bringing the focus on the center of the arena. Overall, fantastic job as always Olrox. It's been awhile since someone posted a map showcase.. I'm glad you broke the silence!

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OMG! I love this map. I really like how you animated the TV Cube above the terrain *o*!!!


Also it really changes a lot from the old/default PVP maps...This one really have a sport feel and it is kinda dark too....It makes me think that not all the fight here are legit... ;D (Oh yes...blood and death!!)


Well, all that say, I rate it 0.1 / 5, just because you added this ANNOYING PUPPET on my palette /pif

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To do this, you have to animate different 3d layers. it was an idea I just had some days ago. Thanks a lot for your comments.



Better you get used to this puppet! <3 Since I will send you one as a present by mail, and you will have to sleep with it every night~ otherwise I will get mad at you by rejecting my present with love :3

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As always; I love your map, Olrox! Very kind of you to release it for free, too. <:


There's just this one thing, the area were the "visitors" are suppose to sit, it's kinda dark... maybe its just me though. :x

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Omg Najara Hi :3 this ain't for free! Now you make me feel so mean haha :<!

Yeah the outside area is a little dark. Actually that was intentional since I wanted to make the effect of the spotlights directly to the arena... but maybe it was too much.

I can add more light, tho. I will consider it :P thanks for your suggestion.

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As always; I love your map, Olrox! Very kind of you to release it for free, too. <:


There's just this one thing, the area were the "visitors" are suppose to sit, it's kinda dark... maybe its just me though. :x


its paid. not free T_T

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Thank you guys :P

Today I started the concept of an awesome free release (one that combines mapping + 3d gr2 mob). Probably it will be out in sometime. Before I must do the gr2 guide.

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awesome and superb job as always Olrox.


What I enjoy, is that you see something that sparks your interest from your surroundings, and you create/make it happen in map form =)

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I have pay for the UFC Strikeforce PvP Arena map, but my client always crash after loading 94% on loading screen, can you fix it?
And my client version is 2012-04-10.

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