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  1. Great! thanks for sharing, the image can be better hehe keep working please!
  2. hi! pallet for Graphics Gale Paleta Shiro.rar
  3. review the pallet try save the image in photoshop and others programs then conview the frame to sprite
  4. parcion! plase leave your jobs in the download section!! is a nice job keep working n.n
  5. Great job tozorman! please keep working i like your works :)

  6. great! welcome!!! i like it your sprites
  7. replace color tool with photoshop, you take the mid color of the palet and with this tool can make . For recolor item i replace the color in the palet with graphics gale
  8. Hi zeinzu!, for the transparent color in all your sprites, you should put as first color the pink! (RGB = 255-0-255) in your pallets and choice the best .act archive for your animations. i try your request with the acting choice the "4_f_kid3" npc´s .act archive. Hope serve and keep working
  9. Taeko

    Token :)

    i don´t know this items! i find in ratemyserver but not found nothing.... http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=token&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search&page_num=1
  10. its same, if you want upload the archive to recolor and i show in a video! excuse me my english
  11. hi again miczter!! for your sprites you should put the transparent color as first color in all your pallets! and the .act no working in my actOR 1/2 choice a .act similar to your sprite bless!! Desktop.rar
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