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  1. Can you pls do a set of recolors for falcons (for hunter/sniper/ranger)?? thx n adv !!! bump...is tozorman on a vacation or busy?? i miss his releases....xD
  2. it's good enough to make me wanna wish I was doing the map myself...haha
  3. Can you pls do a set of recolors for falcons (for hunter/sniper/ranger)?? thx n adv !!!
  4. cool sprite...where did you see this one??
  5. 1. Absolutely YES 2. Use 2010-08-11 thx for the answer....May I ask if it is okay to use the latest github files for rathena with these??? last time I remembered using the last svn files with alexandria's data
  6. I wanna use this: Pre-Renewal: 2010-07-30aRagexeRE Here are some of my questions: 1. Can I use Alexandria's data folder version 2.0 (pre-renewal) found here http://rathena.org/board/topic/66962-basic-complete-renewal-data-english-folder/ ? 2. I tried looking for 2010-07-30a lua but only found that there's no exact lua for it according to this http://rathena.org/board/topic/69566-lua-files-for-older-version-that-you-need-2011-12-14-below/ Since its in between two version dates, which will I use, 2010-07-14 lua or 2010-08-11 lua ? Pls help..THX
  7. Im kinda only 2/10 on scripting...I can understand simple ones though here's a lotti girl script i DL here ( i forgot whom it was) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- prontera,141,226,6 script Lotti Girl 714,{ mes "[Lotti Girl]"; mes "Hello Sir! Are you out"; mes "shopping in the city?!"; next; mes "[Lotti Girl]"; mes "I'm Lotti! I'll exchange cool"; mes "random prizes for every"; mes "^ff00001 Premium Ticket^000000."; next; mes "[Lotti Girl]"; mes "Our Grand prize is:"; mes "^ff0000+8 Armor Refine Deed^000000"; mes "Special prizes are:"; mes "^ff0000+7 Armor Refine Deed^000000"; mes "^ff0000+10 Weapon Refine Deed^000000"; mes "and ^ff0000+6 Armor Refine Deed^000000"; next; mes "[Lotti Girl]"; mes "You can still get random item"; mes "if you failed to get the grand"; mes "prize and special prizes."; if (countitem(7608) < 1) close; next; if(select("Deal me in!:No way...")==2) close; mes "[Lotti Girl]"; mes "Here we go..."; delitem 7608,1; set [email protected],8; //<%>,<ItemID>,<Amount> setarray [email protected][0],0,8012,1; setarray [email protected][0],1,8011,1; setarray [email protected][0],5,8006,1; setarray [email protected][0],20,8010,1; setarray [email protected][0],90,13517,5; setarray [email protected][0],80,12080,10; setarray [email protected][0],90,30110,5; setarray [email protected][0],80,12075,10; setarray [email protected][0],30095,5; set [email protected], rand(1,[email protected]); if (rand(1,100) > getd("[email protected]"[email protected]+"[0]")) { for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]); set [email protected],[email protected]+2) { getitem [email protected][[email protected]], [email protected][[email protected]+1]; if([email protected][0]) setarray [email protected][0], [email protected][[email protected]], [email protected][[email protected]+1]; } } else{ for(set [email protected],1; [email protected]<getarraysize(getd("[email protected]"[email protected])); set [email protected],[email protected]+2) { getitem getd("[email protected]"[email protected]+"["[email protected]+"]"), getd("[email protected]"[email protected]+"["+([email protected]+1)+"]"); if ([email protected][0]) { set [email protected],[email protected]; setarray [email protected][0], getd("[email protected]"[email protected]+"["[email protected]+"]"), getd("[email protected]"[email protected]+"["+([email protected]+1)+"]"); break; } } } if(1<[email protected]&&[email protected]<=4) announce "Congratulations! "+strcharinfo(0)+" just received "+getitemname([email protected][0])+" x "[email protected][1]+" from Lotti Girl (prontera 139 173)!",0; specialeffect2 248; close; } -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- may someone pls edit it for me... bump
  8. are all the frames the same in actor??? i mean all pink background??? probably 1st color isnt the transparent color(sometimes happen when u make a sprite from scratch)
  9. Hi...I wanna request for a Lucky Draw npc (like Gacha) with no item requirement/s and guaranteed random prize but only allows one draw daily per account and resets for a specific server time (every 7pm). chance,item,quantity ex. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NPC: Wanna test your luck today? Here's a list of prizes you can have everyday: [50%] Yggdrasil Berry 10 Box [x 5] [40%] TCG Card [x 1] [10%] Token Of Siegfried [x1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Yes, I wanna try now. * Hmm..maybe later. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //If (option 1 but already drawn) NPC: Sorry, please try again later. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ something like this...
  10. I saw this one b4 from another video...I hope someone shares this....I also want to try it
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