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  1. I have updated the tutorial to give more information. No, Electron is used to create native windowed applications for Windows, Linux and MacOS. You can try to use the default roBrowser for that (not my version). I tried to be more clear as I could in the topic. Sorry, but I don't have time to make a video Not sure. If the default roBrowser supports it, so this will do (but I think it does not).
  2. Not sure (never used it), it have the same base as roBrowser. So it can if roBrowser can.
  3. This version of the roBrowser above does not support GRF reading yet as I mentioned in the topic. For the default version, I will answer on your PM.
  4. The server is live using the electron custom client, but I did not open to the public due to lack of interest and missing basic features. Not sure if I still will (got just 3 visitors this year xD). I also have changed the project a lot (you can see in the classes link above). If anyone is interested please let me know and I may consider putting it public. I have provided more details for some of the classes also: https://www.ragnafantasy.com/classes/samurai/ https://www.ragnafantasy.com/classes/seamstress/ https://www.ragnafantasy.com/classes/arithmetician/ https://www.ragnafantasy.com/classes/judge/ https://www.ragnafantasy.com/classes/onion-knight/ https://www.ragnafantasy.com/classes/mime/ https://www.ragnafantasy.com/classes/psychic/ https://www.ragnafantasy.com/classes/cartomancer/ https://www.ragnafantasy.com/classes/salve-maker/
  5. Hi everyone, As I stated on this topic I have improved the Electron solution for roBrowser. Features: Windowed desktop application with multiple platform support Custom client with full source control (roBrowser) Support to parse local data files using bundled "remote client" (replaces roBrowser's PHP one) * Bundled client X server proxy No need for a web host to run the client * The GRF files parse still needs to be implemented. Currently only reading unpacked files. It may look weird to use a browser client locally, so to put it simple: - Why would I use this instead of the regular client? A: To have full control over the client source code - Why would I use this instead of the default roBrowser client? A: To avoid the need of a web host. To fix the slow loading time of the files remotely. To provide your players a standalone application. Set-up Guide 1. Clone the repository below: git clone https://github.com/wjrosa/roBrowser-electron 2. Create your .env file using .env.example as base (copy it, rename and put in the same folder). Do not change the remote client and proxy configurations if you want to use everything locally. 3. Install the dependencies: yarn install 4. Copy robrowser's source code to the folder: src/robrowser/ 5. Extract your data into roBrowser's data folder: robrowser/client/data 6. Copy the proxy source code to the folder: src/wsproxy/ 7. Install the proxy dependencies: yarn install 8. Start the client: yarn start To build the client for distribution you need to run: yarn make PS: Make sure you have Packet Obfuscation disabled on the server and that you use the same PACKETVER as the client.
  6. I loved the idea and improved the concept in this repository (giving you credits): https://github.com/wjrosa/roBrowser-electron The difference here is the use of env vars and separation from roBrowser base code. I will now convert roBrowser to a NPM package so we can use in this project as dependency instead of just copying it. Then I will convert the PHP remote client to NodeJS. This way we don't need a server with PHP support and we could just run the whole client locally (as Electron already runs the web server using Express).
  7. I guess there's a lot of people returning right now. I never talked to you, but it was thanks to your version of robrowser that I had my last server and the new one I just announced. Thank you and welcome back
  8. Hello all! INTRO I had a Brazilian server some years ago with the same concept: mix missing Final Fantasy classes on Ragnarok. The server worked well and I was able to create 2-3 and 2-4 classes fully playable. The problem I faced was the the outdated client (I was using X-ray) and a weird freezing bug that I could never fix. So I put project on hold until I could find a way to bring it back. With roBrowser I saw an opportunity for this. After some tests I can see the client is still lacking a lot of functionalities and updates, so I will probably get back to the same problem again in little time. But I will do it anyway (I am bored). CLASSES The main reason for this project is to bring new classes to the game. A mistake I made in the past was starting by the 2-3 and 2-4 classes (that forced me to soon include the transcendent for them). This time I will start by the expanded classes. To make my life easier I will not include the 3rd classes (Pre-Re). Here's the version 2.0 custom classes list (the RO's original remain): Swordsman Red Mage / Red Wizard: A mix of Mage and Acoyte with fencing melee skills. Dark Knight / Dark Lord: A reverse crusader. Sacrifice his HP to cause damage. Mage Necromancer / Lich: They can summon and become the undead. Shaman / Spirit Master: Nature HP and SP healers. Archer Mediator / Diplomat: They use the voice as the main weapon. Can use bows and guns. Scout / Pathfinder: Long-ranged support class. They can create tents, bonfire, craft bows and enhanced maps. Merchant Geomancer / Geognostic: Use the terrain as their main weapon for heavy magical damage. Can also find and enchant precious stones. Juggler / Jester: They can toss any piece of equipment on the enemies. Each type of equipment inflict a different status ailment. They can also counter long-ranged attacks. Thief Sky Pirate / Corsair: They can create personal airships for the party. Create canons to help on battlefield and debuff enemies. Able to equip daggers, bows and guns. Blue Mage / Blue Wizard: They learn skills from enemies (and homunculus) for life. Also can reverse HP and SP. Acolyte Oracle / Prophet: Debuff masters. Can also equip pole weapons (cause more damage to enemies with more DEF). Time Mage / Time Wizard: Manipulate the time and space. Advanced speed, flee, AGI, cast time reduction, teleport and portal skills Taekwon Kid Valkyrie (Dragoon): Expanding the Jump skill functionalities, they can perform multiple jumps to attack. Arithmetician: Perform calculations that can result in heavy magic damage (to enemies and allies matching the criteria). Judge: They can basically change mapflags at will (block usage of any magic, specific skills, items, area magic, etc) with their yellow and red cards. Onion Knight: don't have any active skills, but a passive skill for each type of class on the game. Each class on the party will give the Onion Knight a bonus. For example, they can get 7 STR bonus for each Swordsman on the party. They can also equip any weapon. Mime: The Mime target a player on the party and them will be copy every action and skill use of that player with no SP, HP or item needed for the skills. Something like a semi-bot. Samurai: They draw the spirits from their swords to deal heavy neutral magic damage with debuffs. Can also hold one-handed swords with both hands to deal more damage. Cartomancer: Turn monster cards on the inventory into active skills. Can also draw cards to decide the fate of the battlefield. Seamstress: Supportive and crafting class. They can buff fabric equipment and craft clothes. MECHANICS Chain System: receive more EXP for a same monster defeated multiple times. Save Crystal / Gate Crystal: basically a Kafra that heals. Party airships: for the Sky Pirate parties, airships that can be configured with the locations the party want. And can also be customized. Class swap: A single character can change to and master all the classes. Some jobs requires multiple jobs mastered to unlock. Limit break: A new gauge that will charge on every hit the character gets. Once full the character can use a special and powerful skill (a different skill for each class branch). This project is open source just like rAthena and roBrowser. So, anyone who wants to help are welcome. Github for current client: https://github.com/wjrosa/robrowser-rf2 Website (still with the WP demo contents, but the classes links are real): https://www.ragnafantasy.com/classes/
  9. Thank you so much for this! Awesome. I will try to adapt it to work as an item script for each class.
  10. Hello all, Is there any scripts for consumable items that change the player job while keeping previous job information? I want to create a flexible job system (similar to FFXIV's) where you can play with any job, level it, change to another, level it and finally return to the previous with the same job level and skills. Like: - Novice -> reaches lvl 10 -> Swordsman -> reaches lvl 40 -> Knight -> reaches lvl 20 -> Acolyte -> reaches lvl 10 -> Knight still on lvl 20 (at anytime) Every job will be represented by a consumable item that is earned on quests following the standard path of Ragnarok (reach lvl 40 as Swordsman for Knight job item). Names like: Soul of the Novice, Soul of the Swordsman, Soul of the Mage, etc. This way a single character can maximize all the game jobs. And this opens the possibility for new gameplay strategies. Like: 2 friends playing, both having Mage and Acolyte jobs available. They can switch the jobs to buff one another while playing. Thank you in advance
  11. That's an awesome project! Your project is the only thing that keeps me in Ragnarok. I had some RO servers with custom jobs, but as Xray got too outdated, I had to shut them down. With all the customizations you mentioned, I see a chance of coming back finally =). So the best luck and I am here if you need help!
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